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Court rejects investor’s request for Dhs85,000 from his Abu Dhabi-based employees


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Aya El Deeb, Journalist

The Abu Dhabi Court of Family and Civil and Administrative Cases has dismissed a lawsuit brought by the owner of an investment company demanding Dh85,000 for an employee working for him.

The complainant claimed that he had handed over Dh85,000 to the appellee for registration proceedings and costs, which the latter kept for himself.

According to the case documents, the plaintiffs also demanded that the respondent pay statutory interest of 12 percent from the date of the claim until full payment, as well as litigation costs and expenses.

The complainant stated that the respondent worked for him and gave him a power of attorney certified by a notary public and gave him money as a claim registration fee, but he did not pay the fee and kept the money for himself.

The court assigned accounting experts to conduct liquidation for the parties to the case, and asked the complainant to pay fees, but the complainant did not pay within the prescribed time limit, nor did he attend the continuation of the court to pay.

The court said there was no evidence in the case files that the appellee had collected the payments for himself, and it dismissed the case and ordered the appellant to pay fees and expenses.


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