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Creating Transformational Business Models With Alva Meta Corp – Karen Álvarez

Creating Transformational Business Models With Alva Meta Corp – Karen Álvarez

We interviewed Karen Álvarez, CEO and Founder of Alva Meta Corp. Karen was born and raised in Mexico City but decided to grow some other paths by opening her company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with a business consulting line, to help several clients around the world as she is passionate about growing the minds along with the pockets of people. The company currently has a presence on social networks like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

What motivates you every day?

I am currently 27 years old, but I started trading with a couple of clients when I was 24, “imagine a girl trying to play shark against bigger sharks, banks and financial institutions,” which were already positioned and well-known in the market. At first, it was quite difficult as getting people to tell you gave her savings, sometimes savings of more than 10 years, to a girl who, in her eyes, had just started playing with money, it was quite a challenge, but that was my main motivator, my determination, hard work and the people who surrounded and supported me, my family, friends and clients.

I used to have 9-6 pm jobs. Eventually, I realized I was working for other people’s dreams and ambitions. Sure we were making money for the company. Still, sometimes customers were left out, so I created my model to help people to grow together financially by making investing accessible to everyone, opening an easier path in the finance field for the younger to older generations to learn and enjoy their own investment process.

What do you think are the challenges and priorities in your company?

Clients are the key to everything. I got personally involved and tried to get to know each of them to offer them the best solution matching their objectives. Although we are leaders in multiple locations from Mexico to the United Arab Emirates, our main goals for the next 3 years as Alva Meta Corp are to keep on growing organically with our own clients and leads, to continue working to be even more present in social media, engaging and creating a strong community.

What makes Alva different?


Alva’s saying is that “each client is a completely different world”, with some circumstances that lead them to start investing and quite a different level of effort to save the capital with which they start investing. We like to see each client as a Rubik’s cube, with many colours and differences. When we assembled and solved it, we created a personalized portfolio for each of them. For this reason, Alva enhances the results based on our client’s portfolio personalization.

Give us some advice for future generations.

Always think about your future. You might think that saving 20 dlls per week will not make a big change or lead you to your “financial dreams,” but if you take advantage of time, compound interest and some good financial vehicles, you can get wherever you want sooner than expected.

Connect with Karen Álvarez of Alva Meta Corp on LinkedIn

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