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INSITERS Embracing Creativity and Eco-Consciousness – Elie Nassar

Elie Nassar, a pioneering force in architecture and sustainability. INSITERS, the architectural design studio he founded in 2012. With unwavering dedication to blending creativity and eco-consciousness, we craft harmonious designs, leaving an impact on residential and commercial projects across Dubai, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus, Greece, and Qatar.

A significant milestone in Elie’s career is the groundbreaking Zero Energy Villa in Dubai, showcasing his commitment to sustainable architecture through innovative technologies like solar energy, geothermal wells, cooling towers, radiant cooling systems, and industrial controls. Beyond his professional pursuits, Elie actively supports underprivileged families through the Hope NGO Lebanon.

In this exclusive interview, we explore Elie Nassar’s inspiring trajectory, the influence of education on his choices, and his strategies for overcoming challenges amidst market dynamics and technological advancements. Elie’s vision drives him to expand his team, introduce cutting-edge technologies worldwide, and lead the forefront of sustainable architectural practices at INSITERS.

Could you share a brief overview of your career journey, including key milestones and transitions?

In 2012, I founded INSITERS, an architectural design studio, with a focus on blending design aesthetics with eco-friendly principles. Over the years, I’ve worked on diverse residential and commercial projects in Dubai, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus, Greece, and Qatar.

Notable among my achievements is the groundbreaking Zero Energy Villa in Dubai, a flagship project showcasing solar energy, geothermal wells, cooling towers, radiant cooling systems, and industrial controls—a milestone in sustainable architecture. My educational background includes a degree in Architecture from Notre Dame University and LEED AP credentials. Additionally, I obtained a project management certificate from IBMI in Berlin.



Beyond my work, I’m an active member of the Hope NGO Lebanon since 2012, supporting elderly and underprivileged families. Hobbies like photography, diving, traveling, and padel provide me with creative inspiration.

Looking ahead, my unwavering commitment is to advance sustainable architectural practices, creating spaces that prioritize occupants’ well-being while minimizing environmental impact.

How has your education influenced your career choices and success in this industry?

Elie Nassar

Education has been pivotal in shaping my career. Learning from experienced doctors and working on my senior project with dedicated advisors not only enriched my knowledge but also led to a remarkable achievement, ranking among the top 5 in a prestigious worldwide competition.

How do you tackle challenges in your field amidst changing market dynamics and technological advancements?

Continuous learning, conducting research on emerging trends and materials, and fostering innovation are essential to remain competitive in today’s market, particularly in Dubai, where competition is exceptionally fierce. Staying ahead requires a proactive approach to embrace new ideas and stay at the forefront of industry advancements.

What are your future plans or goals for your career and company?



Persisting in our dreams is vital to achieving our goals. Consequently, I am methodically expanding my team while consistently integrating cutting-edge technologies into our office. The introduction of VR technology allows our clients to envision the spaces we design with enhanced clarity. Additionally, we continually invest in state-of-the-art rendering machines to elevate our design capabilities. As we pursue these dreams, we aspire to witness our team grow to 100+ members, embarking on projects spanning the globe.

What valuable lessons have you learned throughout your career?

That it’s never enough! If you say you have reached the peak, it means you haven’t! You should always aim to be better; it’s never enough! Keep in mind that you never know everything, and yes, sometimes you might make mistakes. It’s not wrong to make mistakes, but it is wrong not to learn from them.



How do you differentiate your services from competitors in the current market?

We do not boast, but our clients do! This has enabled us to achieve remarkable success, completing over 100 projects in the UAE and around the world in less than a decade!

What are the most important qualities or skills you believe beginners should cultivate in order to thrive in this industry?

Be honest! Be clear! Never lie! When your clients ask, always answer truthfully. Let them know whether we have the expertise by saying ‘Yes, we know how to do this,’ or ‘No, we don’t know, but we are committed to conducting research, watching tutorials, and learning to provide you with the project of your dreams.

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