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“Dynamic Partnership: Crisalion Mobility and Valtrans Unite at Dubai Airshow 2023”

Spanish electric mobility leader, Crisalion Mobility, announces a strategic partnership with Valtrans Transportation Systems at the Dubai Airshow, designating Valtrans as the exclusive distributor of Crisalion’s cutting-edge solutions across the Gulf.

The Signing Ceremony

The official signing ceremony, held at Crisalion Mobility’s booth during the Dubai Airshow, witnessed the presence of key executives, including Fernando Núñez, Chairman of the board for Crisalion Mobility, and Engr. Mansoor Al Habtoor, CEO of Valtrans.

Valtrans Takes the Lead

Valtrans assumes the role of the exclusive distributor, representing and selling Crisalion’s air mobility solutions, featuring the versatile Integrity eVTOL developed using Crisalion’s patented FlyFree technology.

A Multifaceted Solution

The Integrity eVTOLs offer versatility for passenger transportation, emergency services, cargo, and tourism applications. The partnership aims to address the evolving transportation needs of the Gulf region.

Ground Mobility Solutions

Valtrans extends its role as the sole distributor for Crisalion’s ground mobility solutions, encompassing Serenity vehicles and end-to-end fleet management services. This includes teleoperation and dynamic convoy driving managed from a control center powered by Crisalion’s Intellydrive technology.

Expressing Excitement : Crisalion Mobility 

Carlos Poveda Rey, CEO of Crisalion Mobility, expresses excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing its significance in advancing urban mobility through innovative solutions.

Commitment to Sustainability

The partnership reflects the shared commitment of both companies to sustainability and contributes to a more sustainable future for transportation in the GCC.

Valtrans’ Industry Leadership

Imad Alameddine, Group General Manager of Valtrans, expresses pride in being chosen as the exclusive distributor, citing Valtrans’ two-decade leadership in integrating transportation solutions with hospitality in the Gulf region.

Shaping the Future

The collaboration holds great promise for shaping the future of mobility in the GCC, emphasizing Crisalion Mobility’s global expansion and commitment to addressing the evolving transportation needs of the region with innovative eVTOL solutions.

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