Curating Latest Technology-Based Construction Ideas With ECOLIT – Denis Lozenko


Curating Latest Technology-Based Construction Ideas With ECOLIT – Denis Lozenko

We interviewed Denis Lozenko, the CEO & Co-Founder of ECOLIT LLC. ECOLIT is a global construction. Denis aims to provide people with the best technologies for construction. His company, ECOLIT, is one of the leading construction companies in the UAE with unique technologies.

With over 15 years of experience, the company has exceptional experience in construction. They also have social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Explain the background of you and the company in detail.

ECOLIT – is a global construction company with offices in different countries, including the UAE. We have been engaged in construction using the LGSF technology + foam concrete using our unique technologies for more than 15 years!

The technology of galvanized steel frame was used on the market before, but we went further – we came up with a unique type of frame filling, which allows you to get a monolithic one at the price of a frame building. At the same time, the construction time is many times faster than traditional technologies, and we produce foam concrete directly at the construction site on our mobile machines. We are constantly looking for and finding partners to work together worldwide. But Dubai is the centre of the world, and all international shipments come from here.

What are your goals?

We aim to give people the best technologies to simplify all construction processes and build buildings much faster. Therefore, we are constantly opening factories and offices in new countries.

What do you feel is the biggest strength of yourself/company right now?

Of course, this is knowledge and team. Initially, our business was family-owned, and my father, brother, and I participated in all production processes – we set up the work of machine tools foam concrete plants and worked on a foam concrete mixture recipe. All because we created this company from scratch and we know how it should work.

What was the path you/your company took to get to where you are today?

We started our work in Russia and initially worked with drywall profiles. We constantly tried to improve the quality of our product. Still, in Russia, at that time, there were no accepted rules in this area regulating the minimum thickness of the metal and the quality of the product. As a result, competing companies reduced prices by reducing the thickness of the plasterboard profile metal. At a certain moment, we realized that it was impossible to continue working like this. We got a machine that produced a galvanized steel profile in the work process. In Russia, LGSF is still a new little-known technology, and 15 years ago, even we knew little about it.

We started to work on this machine and offer a new product. In the work process, we realized that we had found a treasure. This technology has literally unlimited architectural possibilities, which, for some unknown reason, are not used in Russia. I travelled a lot, met colleagues in other countries, studied how they build and where they use LGSF. As a result, we finalized the shape of the profile, began to manufacture our own machines and came up with our modified foam concrete. The company continues to operate in CIS and dozens of other countries and highly appreciate.

Why did you start (or want to be the head of) this company?

As I said, our business is family-run. It so happened that my grandfather was a blacksmith. And this was passed on to me – the desire to create. Create amazing things out of metal. I really enjoy seeing our company grow and what we are building.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Probably the most difficult stage was when creating this business. We constantly had to deal with customers’ distrust, and there were a lot of implausible myths around the LGSF technology. Therefore, we began to actively conduct social media, including the YouTube channel, in order to convey to people the facts about the capabilities of the technology and show real examples of implementation.

Give us one word that describes you the best.


What makes you excited about Mondays?

Meeting with new clients means new interesting tasks that our team will need to implement. In addition, I often travel to set up new productions and offices, which is also very inspiring.

What do you value most about your culture and vision?

Mutual help and kindness. In whatever country I find myself in, if I meet my compatriots, I know that they will always help. They will advise, introduce you to the necessary people, and will do everything to help.

Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative.

In fact, any project requires a creative approach to its implementation. We have a team of architects with whom we work, and any creation process requires imagination. In addition, our technology allows you to embody literally any form, and it is very interesting to observe how the original architecture is realized.

What are your company’s strategies, and how do they stand unique from your competitors?

First of all, we give a unique product that competitors cannot provide. In some countries, there are already attempts to repeat our foam concrete, but they have been unsuccessful. We keep the recipe a secret because our foam concrete does not cause metal corrosion, so it can be used with a galvanized steel frame. In addition, we offer the best product quality – we carefully select metal suppliers.

How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

In the next 2 years, we will open new factories and offices in more than 30 countries on all continents. We have a well-coordinated team that quickly builds up all the processes in the new country, and our growth is already exponential.

Where is your leadership going? What benefits do your clients get from your company in this competitive world?

Most importantly, I manage to unite people into teams and create effective partners, colleagues and even hired workers. In my opinion, this skill is important for any businessman. All our team is imbued with the idea of scaling our product in different countries and cities. And if your team believes in the product, then it will definitely succeed.

What are the services/solutions or products offered by your company as par with the current industry standards? Tell us something about your upcoming products or services.

Our company has gone the traditional way, building on a product that already exists but improving it many times over with the help of modern energy-saving, soundproofing and fire-resistance technologies.

At the moment, we are working on 3 standards, which are based on the rules and regulations of the UK, Eurocode and the American Institute of Steel Construction.

We build modular buildings and residential apartments, commercial offices, add additional floors and expandable houses.

Today, based on a site in the United Arab Emirates, we have the opportunity to export our products around the world. For this, we have created our own warehouse and production facilities in the Dubai region in order to manufacture all the main components of our equipment, ready-made installations. Thanks to transparent and affordable logistics from Dubai, we are able to send house kits and lightweight foam concrete plants around the world.

Find Denis Lozenko on LinkedIn.

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