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Navigating the Dubai-Sharjah ferry: Commuters find a cost-effective solution, saving over Dh50 per journey and avoiding two hours of traffic.

Dubai residents find relief from road travel hassles with the Dubai Ferry, as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) resumes operations of the marine transportation line between Dubai and Sharjah.

Time and Money Savings

Suleiman Ibrahim, a spice and dry fruit trader, highlights the significant time and cost savings since he started using the ferry in September. Commuting from Al Khan, Sharjah, to Deira, Ibrahim cut his daily travel time by two hours, saving money and reducing mental stress caused by road traffic.

Peaceful and Productive Commute

Arjun Jaykumar, an engineer, echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the peace and efficiency of the ferry commute. The 35-minute journey allows him to focus on work and eliminates the stress associated with road traffic.

Business Opportunities

Businessman Ardashir appreciates the quiet ride, utilizing travel time for productive discussions with clients and employees. The ferry proves beneficial during major events like Gitex and Gulf Food, providing substantial financial savings and a stress-free journey.

Strategic Commuting During Events

Residents leverage the ferry during prominent events, such as Gitex and Gulf Food, to reduce fuel expenses and avoid expensive parking in Dubai. Choosing the ferry during these occasions translates to significant savings and a more enjoyable commute.

Convenient Schedule: traffic

With two ferries departing from Sharjah on weekdays at 7 am and 8:30 am, and one from Dubai at 7:45 am, residents have flexible options. Evening trips include two from Sharjah at 4:45 pm and 6:15 pm, and three from Dubai at 4 pm, 5:30 pm, and 7 pm. Weekends offer six journeys, starting from noon.

The Dubai Ferry emerges as a preferred choice for commuters seeking a peaceful, time-efficient, and cost-effective travel option between Dubai and Sharjah.

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