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Director Andy Muschietti Willing To Release Four-Hour Cut Of ‘The Flash’


Director Andy Muschietti Willing To Release Four-Hour Cut Of ‘The Flash’

flashcurrently in theaters, initially had a running time of around four hours before being cut to around two hours and 35 minutes in theatrical release.

Director Andy Muschietti is happy with the theatrical release, but hasn’t ruled out sharing a longer four-hour clip flash Future with fans, he revealed to vanity fair.

The extended cut went through multiple cuts, initially running at five hours, as Muschietti and team experimented with various scenes, special cameos and surprises.

“You have to confront the edit and say, ‘Okay, we need to delete an hour and a half of this movie. How is that going to happen?'” Muschietti explained.

“After six months, it’s been fun. In the beginning, everything was chaotic, and whatever you started to do was wrong in hindsight because it was trial and error. You tried a lot of things.”

Ultimately, they had to make the difficult decision to cut about an hour and a half of footage to preserve the pace and overall quality of the film. While there’s still some interesting material on the cutting room floor, Muschietti believes the theatrical cut represents the film’s best version.

flash Featuring Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton and Sasha Cuhler.


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