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Discover the unique benefits that YG Entertainment trainees enjoy

YG Entertainment is one of the most successful entertainment companies in South Korea, known for producing some of the biggest K-Pop acts, such as BIGBANG, black pink, and more. Known for its high-quality music and unique style, YG Entertainment has become one of the most ideal training companies for aspiring K-pop artists. While competition to become an intern at the agency is fierce, those who are accepted receive a wide range of special benefits.

1. Professional training

    Professional training is one of the most important benefits of being a YG Entertainment trainee. Trainees receive intensive training in singing, dancing, rapping and other skills necessary to become successful artists. This level of training ensures that YG artists are the most skilled in the industry and their performances are top-notch.

    2. Attend social events

      YG Entertainment actively promotes trainees to participate in various social activities such as movie outings, DIY projects, etc. In addition, trainees have the opportunity to attend concerts and events by well-known senior artists of the company, all related expenses are borne by the institution. These initiatives enable trainees to develop their social skills and broaden their horizons.

      3. Get in touch with K-Entertainment industry

        YG trainees have many opportunities to immerse themselves in the K-Entertainment industry. One such example is when selected trainees have the privilege of participating in music videos or live performances with famous YG artists, giving them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the industry. In addition, students also have the opportunity to star in commercials and Korean dramas.

        4. Academics and Languages train

        High school students receive tutoring to support their academic progress because they spend a lot of time with company instead of school. In addition, language classes are provided, foreign students learn Korean, and Korean students have the opportunity to learn foreign languages ​​for free.

        5. Get sex educators and psychologists

          Being a K-pop trainee can cause a lot of stress and various mental health challenges. To reduce these risks, YG Entertainment provides trainees with the help of professional psychologists. In addition, the company recognizes the importance of sex education as an important part of the overall development of its trainees. Participants are grouped by age and receive sex education tailored to the needs of each age group.

          6. Free benefits

            One of the most notable advantages of being a YG trainee is that they get all the aforementioned benefits without paying a fee. The agency offers everything from professional training to academic tutoring for free. Shi Eun-jae, head of YG Entertainment’s audition and casting team, said the agency sees it as an investment.

            All in all, becoming a YG Entertainment trainee comes with a host of special benefits, making it one of the most popular training programs in the K-pop industry. From high-quality training and exposure to industry professionals, YG students get everything they need to develop their talents and build their careers.

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