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Disney Live Entertainment Animator Shares Behind the Scenes on Easter Eggs and ‘Disney Magic’


Animator for Disney Live Entertainment on Happily Ever After and “Disney charm” Several Easter eggs and behind-the-scenes facts about the latter show were shared on Twitter.

Ana Beltrán tweeted in the first tweet of the post, “With the 50th Anniversary Celebration ending March 31st and Happily Ever After returning on April 3rd, I wanted to share some interesting tidbits that can be found in Enchantment stuff, and recall a project close to my heart”.

As Beltrán notes, “Disney Magic” was designed during the COVID-19 lockdown, with a strict deadline of October 1, 2020 — the actual 50th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom. It was also the first show to be projected on Main Street, USA (MSUSA). Designers spent 7-8 months simulating major streets in the United States.

However, MSUSA’s modeling is SO. a lot of. pleasure! ’ wrote Beltran. ‘I had to learn a lot of architectural terms and little quirks specific to these buildings. MSUSA predated AutoCAD, so we only had the scan data to work with and built everything from scratch. We simulated a total of 25 buildings. “

The new 50th anniversary ornament also had to be modeled for the projection. “Then you really need to figure out where each piece is and when, so you can update it accordingly,” says Beltrán.

Disney Enchantment Update Tab Walter Roy 17

Beltrán worked with art director Ashley Reser to create the look of the enchanted castle. “[Reser’s] The castle design gave me a lot of freedom to build and use the castle and MSUSA,” says Beltrán.

Disney Magic 2-8364137

Beltrán shared some hidden Mickey moments, including the one embedded above. Mickey’s head is hidden in the projection on Main Street, America.

Enchant Main Street 7154187

“The show purposely made MSUSA a surprise moment,” explains Beltrán, “that’s why it’s about 5 minutes into Zone with Joe Gardner. Its unique focus on color and design.”

Beltrán links to Disneyland Blog Posts Featuring a video by Eric Goldberg, who created several custom animations in “Magic,” including Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Alice, and Mad Hatter.

“What’s so cool about the Mary Blair section is that they’re styled in homage to Mary’s style,” Beltrán said. “When we got that from Eric and his team, our whole team lost it (in a good way) because how awesome was that?!”

“Luca” appears in “Disney Enchantment,” one of the film’s first representations at Disneyland.

“The Peter Pan part was also especially fun for me to animate when we flew up from the castle,” Beltrán says. “There are so many characters and one of them is Jim Hawkins [from ‘Treasure Planet’]. He spins around the castle, then explodes along the right side of MSUSA. Blink and you’ll miss him! “

“This part is also the first of many great fireworks moments interacting with the projection. When WALL-E and Eve fly out over the castle, the pyro takes over and shoots them into the sky! When I was working on it, I had no idea They will.”

Disney Charm Fireworks Cinderella Castle b-2550-8194269

“Similarly, during Into the Unknown, I had to do Elsa’s final burst of magic on the castle, and didn’t know there was a flame projectile near her hand. No one believed me when I said it wasn’t the plan, but when I first I was intimidated once I saw pyro doing this[.]”

Beltrán shared a video of that particular “Frozen” moment (embedded above).

“It’s always fun to use clips from the movie too, because for this part I need to uncut the last camera move, so if you see this with nothing but movie clips, Elsa becomes like a 100ft castle XD[.]”

Disney Magic Hidden Mickey Anna Beltran
Photo: Anna Beltran

Beltrán shared another wink-and-miss hidden Mickey in Breeze at Cinderella Castle, pictured above.

The “Over 500,000,000 Served” sign from the Underworld in Hercules is a tribute to the 50th anniversary. It’s just below the huge 50th anniversary medallion.

Beltrán ends the post with a photo of her and her father, who also worked on “Disney Magic,” writing, “Working on this show is really spectacular for a number of reasons, but most importantly One is that I have to be with my dad. This is who we are on opening day.” Beltrán’s father was involved in the “Moana,” “Raya and the Last Dragon” and “Zootopia” parts, as well as the opening part of the “Into the Unknown” part.

“Glamour will always have a special place in my heart and I hope so will the many who have watched it over the past 18 months. Thank you for answering the call in the most magical place on earth[.]”

“Disney Enchantment” runs until April 2. ‘Happily Ever After’ returns on April 3rd. Watch our full updated version of “Disney Allure” video, including clip of walt disney and roy disneythe following.

What do you think of these little messages? Let us know in the comments below!

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