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Dubai-based sunscreen company capitalizes on demand for sustainable products from UAE hoteliers

  • SunKiss to post 175% year-on-year growth in 2022 on rising demand for eco-friendly and sustainably created sun care products in UAE
  • Research shows that more and more major hotel brands are using the company’s products 78% of global travelers expect to stay in a sustainable hotel in the coming year

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: SunKiss, the UAE’s homegrown sustainable and eco-friendly sunscreen developer, has posted significant growth figures of up to 175% in 2022 following the company’s launch in 2020, highlighting the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly and effective UVA Increase and UVB sun protection for the area.

The company designs and manufactures all of its products in the UAE, including reef-friendly formulas, which are in demand at an all-time high in the hospitality industry as research increasingly emphasizes the importance of sustainability as part of a guest’s decision-making process when choosing a place to stay. down.

According to research published by booking.com in 2022, 78% of global travelers intend to stay at least once in a sustainable hotel by 2023, which also highlights that guests want to help reduce their environmental impact (41%) and want to A more local experience (33%) and believe sustainable properties treat the community better (31%).

Joanna Barclay, Managing Director of SunKiss, said: “At the heart of our business is developing sunscreen products that protect those who wear them from the harmful UVA and UVB sun, but just as importantly, protect our planet.

“Our products are sustainably produced, using 90% less plastic, and as a Dubai-based brand, our carbon footprint has been reduced to a minimum, well below that of some of our competitors from Australia and the US. These formulations have been were developed to be reef friendly, vegan, alcohol and paraben free, making them safe and suitable for everyone.”

In support of sustainability, SunKiss has developed a range of products designed in collaboration with experienced hoteliers and wellness and spa experts to provide sustainable luxury guest amenities.

They include the Waterside range, to help minimize plastic waste, which utilizes easy-to-refill dispensers to provide guests with sun and after-sun care as part of the hotel’s corporate social responsibility program; Sunbutler, which includes a sunglass cleaner and facial spray , in a reusable aluminum spray bottle that can be sustainably refilled; and SunKiss Eco Refill, which offers customers a range of professional-sized bathroom products in 95% less packaging than standard-sized products.

SunKiss has also developed a range of sustainable wellness in-room amenities, offering alternatives to traditional night-bed gifts such as chocolates, further underscoring the company’s sustainable credentials.

A first for the UAE, SunKiss has also developed a sun protection awareness program dedicated to educating and protecting hospitality workers who are at higher risk of skin damage due to sun exposure. In addition to raising awareness of the importance of wearing protective clothing, sunscreen, and staying hydrated, a unique SPF 50 formula was created for durability, but is also available in bulk dispensers and individual aluminum refills in a pocket bottle.

The formulations used in sunscreen products are made from zinc oxide and titanium oxide. It acts like a miniature mirror that reflects harmful rays and provides the highest sun protection filter of any plant. It’s suitable for all skin types and is water and sweat resistant.

“Sun protection is essential everywhere, but even more so in the UAE, one of the 10 sunniest places on Earth. With HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nayhan’s Sustainability Commitment 2023, we have developed a range of innovative products that not only protect the planet, but one of the greatest assets of a hotel, its assets, its people and of course And guests,” Barkley concluded.

For more information, please visit https://sunkissme.com.


About SunKiss

Designed to protect you and our precious planet, SunKiss takes luxury sun care to new heights.

Infused with the best antioxidant-rich formula for enhanced sun protection combined with skin-friendly botanicals to protect even the most sensitive skin. Available in a variety of textures and SPF levels in elegant sustainable packaging, cruelty-free, vegan and water-resistant, and offer broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

The SunKiss collection is used by some of the world’s leading hospitality brands as unique in-room turndown services, thoughtful complimentary sun protection for guests, pre and after sun spa treatments and retail.

Extra care is taken every step of the way at SunKiss, created with sustainability and corporate social responsibility in mind: reef-friendly formulas, employee wellness programs, proudly manufactured in the UAE, minimizes carbon footprint, and comes in refillable, Made of reusable and recyclable aluminum – bottle.

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