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“Expansion Plans: Dubai Metro Set to Add New 30-km Blue Line”

Dubai is on the cusp of an extensive expansion of its renowned Dubai Metro. A recently issued tender by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) reveals plans for a new 30-kilometer track known as the Blue Line.

Addressing Urban Growth

The Blue Line project is a strategic response to accommodate Dubai’s rapid economic and urban expansion. This new line will serve as a critical link between the existing Red and Green Metro lines, providing enhanced connectivity.

Diverse Line Layout

The Blue Line will have a total length of 30 kilometers, with a significant portion of it, approximately 15.5 kilometers, running underground. The remaining 14.5 kilometers will be above ground. This diverse layout will cater to different urban landscapes.

Expanding Metro Network

The expansion plans encompass the development of 14 new metro stations. This will include seven elevated stations, among them an iconic station, five underground stations, including an interchange station, and two elevated transfer stations that connect to existing key stations.

Project Details

While specific project details, such as route, cost, and timeline, are not yet disclosed, the tender also includes the procurement of 28 new driverless trains, the construction of a new depot with a capacity for up to 60 trains, and the development of necessary infrastructure and utilities.

Multi-Faceted Responsibilities

The winning contractor, whether it be a joint venture or consortium, will take on diverse responsibilities. These encompass civil works, electromechanical systems, operation and control systems, and the design, manufacturing, and supply of rolling stock.

Dubai Metro Legacy

Dubai Metro, having commenced operations in 2009, is celebrated as the world’s longest driverless metro network. It serves as a cornerstone of Dubai’s public transport system, consistently achieving a remarkable 99.7% punctuality rate.

A Growing Vision

This expansion is in alignment with Dubai’s ambitious vision to increase the share of driverless public transport to 30% by 2030. With 129 trains and 53 stations across the Red and Green Lines, the Dubai Metro has been instrumental in serving over 2 billion passengers.

Urban Planning for the Future

The Blue Line project is a component of Dubai’s 2040 Urban Plan, which anticipates the city’s population reaching 5.8 million by 2040, signifying the need for comprehensive and sustainable urban development.

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