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Dubai Police’s all-female SWAT team shines in showdown


DUBAI: The Dubai Police’s all-female SWAT team has “extraordinary stamina, extraordinary skill and impressive performance” to challenge police leaders, SWAT The team and audience were amazed.

The only women’s team to participate in the Challenge proved their ability to compete fiercely by gaining a foothold in various competitions, especially the all-male SWAT team.

The leaders of the special forces participating in the challenge expressed their appreciation for the excellent preparation and outstanding performance of the Dubai Police Women’s Team in the competition. They affirmed that the match showcased the excellent shooting skills, disciplined approach, effective teamwork and raiding abilities of the Dubai Police All-Women’s team.


Lieutenant Colonel Yahya Sultan Al Binali, who led the Bahrain team in the UAE SWAT Challenge, praised the excellent preparation of the women’s SWAT team. He expressed his admiration and said he had watched a short film about the UAE SWAT Challenge in the cinema before the event and observed the women’s team during the raid scene. He was impressed by their professionalism in using their weapons, moving and striking. It was later that he found out that the women’s team participated in the challenge, which surprised him a bit.

Lt Col Al Binali said the participation and performance of the women’s SWAT team took all other SWAT teams by surprise. He noted that Dubai Police has excellent trainers and experienced coaches, which has had a positive impact on the team’s readiness and performance, enabling them to qualify for all competitions. Lieutenant Colonel Al Binali praised the team’s performance, saying they deserve all the praise and admiration, adding that he will share the experience in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

‘Dark horse’

First Sergeant Saad bin Ayed Al Gandhi, Coach of the Internal Security Forces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, praised the excellent performance of the women’s SWAT team of the Dubai Police. He dubbed the team the “dark horses” of the competition, pointing to their excellent training, discipline and perseverance that led to their record-breaking result.

Al Ghamdi said the women’s SWAT team performed well in the competition and earned the respect and trust of all involved.

“The all-female team of the Dubai Police is undoubtedly the ‘diamond’ of the challenge,” he said.

“Strength and Harmony”

Superintendent Mohamed Altazi, head of the Moroccan special police delegation participating in the UAE special police challenge, said that this is their first time participating in the competition. However, the performance of the Dubai Women’s Police Team caught their attention.

“The all-female team showed a solid and harmonious teamwork spirit, a spirit of unity, which is very impressive,” he said.

break prejudice

Montenegro Special Mission Police Police Chief Assistant Milos Rakonjac acknowledged the women’s team’s impressive results and their strong performance in the competition challenged certain misconceptions about the role of women in SWAT tactical teams and their responsibilities in law enforcement.

He concluded: “I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the Dubai Police for qualifying and equipping this team, who have shown readiness and excellent tactical shooting skills, as evidenced by the results they have achieved.”

“The performance of the Dubai Police all-female SWAT team was amazing, with hard-won results in all competitions, especially in the competition designed for the men’s professional team,” said Burim Kadrijag, member of the NYPD SWAT team. team.

Kadrijag was particularly impressed that “during the challenge, the women’s SWAT team did not lose distance or weight, and they competed on par with the men’s team.” He concluded by highlighting the team’s remarkable equality in the competition.

tactical presence

“It’s great to see women competing in a field traditionally dominated by men’s SWAT teams. They’re doing well,” said Ruy Mello, captain of the police force in São Paulo, Brazil. “We noticed that the women’s team was physically and tactically present when they were on a big mission; their results were outstanding in many competitions,” he added.

team spirit

Philippine National Police SWAT Team Chief Andrean Balpongo Bronales confirmed that the Dubai Women’s Police Team has demonstrated excellent skills and teamwork in various competitions. He said that the team has proven their ability and readiness to compete in all types of competitions and congratulated Dubai Police for training and equipping such an excellent team.


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