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Dubai to host 70 sporting events this month


Already a popular destination for international sporting events, Dubai will host 64 competitive and community events and six international championships this month.

International competitions include four world leagues being held in the UAE for the first time. The World Padel League, the first ever league of its kind, will be held at the Coca-Cola Arena from 8-11 June in partnership with the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) and the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, and will feature high-profile groups competing among the world’s highest ranked of padel stars and four stars from our padel national team, who are distributed among the participating teams; they are: Abdulla Ahli, joining the Cheetahs Team / Abdulla Abdulaziz Abdulla joining the Jaguars Team / Faris Al-Janahi, joining the Panthers Team / Salim Al- Houli, join Tigers Team.

The first day of competition will feature two games; as follows: Cheetahs vs. Jaguars at 02:00 pm / Panthers vs. Tigers at 6:00 pm.

The Cheetas Team includes: Abdullah Ahli, the star of our national team, will play alongside world number three Ariana Sanchez and Paula Josemaria, in addition to world number six Fernando Pelastiguin, world number seven Maria Virginia Riera, Barb Ro Lima was 10th and Miguel Jangua was 9th.

The Jaguars include Abdullah Abdulaziz Abdullah, world No. 3 Alexandra Salazar and Gemma Trey, world No. 5 Card Los Daniele Guterres, world number six Franco Stabachuk, world number 13 Geronimo Gonzalez and newly promoted Carolina Navarro No. 47.

The Panthers consist of Faris Al-Janahi, in addition to world number one Augustin Tapia, world number four Artur Coelho, world number five Beatrice Gonzalez, world number eight Lucia Seitzen, world number eight Aranzazu Osoro and Alekhandro Ruiz for No. 14 Granados.

The Tigers consist of world number 6 Salim Al-Houli, world number 6 Marta Ortega, world number 9 Francisco Navarro Comba, world number 10 Victoria Iglesias, world number 12 Federico Chengoto, world number 11 The Juan Tello and Delfina Brie of the United States ranked 18th. The public can enjoy daily art concerts held during the Championships, with the participation of world stars.

Dubai will also witness the launch of the first Global Chess Tournament, scheduled to take place from 21 June to 2 July under the auspices of the FIDE and organized by Mahindra Group in partnership with DSC.

The competition will be held at the Dubai Chess Culture Club, and chess champions and star elites from all over the world will participate; among them, the No. Carlsen/Chinese Ding Liren, the current world champion/Russian Ian Nepomniashki, who won the second place in the 2021 World Series Dubai/Hu Yifan, a Chinese four-time chess world champion/2018 Chess World The second place in the competition and the 2014 Chess Crash Champion is Russian Katina Ragueno.

The global competition, the first official super league of its kind in the world, will feature six teams; each team will consist of six players. Each of the six participating teams will play 10 matches.

The first West Asian Basketball Super League Finals will be held at the Shabab Al-Ahli Club from June 9-17, involving eight teams and overseen by FIBA, the Federation of Regional Offices of Asian Leagues and the UAE Basketball Association. The two teams will be battling for qualification to the Asian Club Championship in the final match of this league, which is the highest ranked club competition on FIBA’s agenda considering the winner will soon qualify for the Intercontinental Championship.

The emirate of Dubai will also host the first Kabaddi Women’s League, organized by Faberge Exhibition Co. at the Shabab Al-Ahli Club in Nahdah from June 16-27.

The Man of Determination Wheelchair Basketball World Championship, held for the first time in the Arab and Middle East region, will be held on Friday 9th June 2023 in the lobby of the Dubai World Trade Center and will run until 20th June with 28 national teams (16 men’s teams) and 12 women’s teams). The UAE national team will play their opening game of the championship against Italian opponents at 07:00 on Friday night.

The King of the Table International Arm Wrestling Championships is scheduled for June 24-25 at the Dubai Investment Centre.

Sporting competitions and community events organized this month include Dubai Schools Games Basketball, Dubai Sports World Events, Emirates E.Sports Championships, Red Bull 3×3 Basketball Tournament Finals, Professional Cricket Championships, Modern Sailing Championships, Women in Business Sports Day, Internal Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, Wellman Summer Run, Dubai Schools Badminton Championships, Gymnastics Challenge, 9th International Yoga Day, Wafi Summer Run, Freestyle Wrestling Championships, Celebrity Cricket Championships, Walking Marathon Kids Active Mental Health Awards, Dubai School Games Cricket Championships, World Expo E. Sports Championships, UAE Strongest Man Championships, Endurance Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships and Dubai Athletics Championships. – trade arab news agency


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