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Dubai traffic flow ; RTA’s Road Closure Plan for Smooth UAE Tour 2024 Traffic

Dubai traffic, RTA Announces Road Closures for UAE Tour 2024

As Dubai prepares to host the UAE Tour 2024, the RTA’s proactive measures and timely advisories serve to enhance safety and efficiency on the roads, underscoring the city’s commitment to hosting world-class sporting events. By prioritizing the needs of cyclists and motorists alike, Dubai reaffirms its status as a global hub for sportsmanship, camaraderie, and excellence.


The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has issued an advisory for motorists, highlighting anticipated traffic disruptions during the UAE Tour 2024 cycling race set to take place on Thursday afternoon, February 22. The event, spanning from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm, will necessitate temporary road closures along key routes, potentially causing delays of 10 to 15 minutes for drivers at specific junctions.



In a statement released via the social media platform X, the RTA emphasized the temporary suspension of traffic at street intersections along the designated route of the UAE Tour 2024. Commencing at 12:30 pm and continuing until 4:00 pm, these closures aim to facilitate the smooth passage of cyclists, ensuring their safety and the efficiency of the race. Once the last competitor passes through, normal traffic flow will promptly resume, minimizing inconvenience to motorists.

The cycling race, spanning a distance of 175 kilometers, promises a thrilling journey through Dubai’s iconic landmarks and picturesque landscapes. Beginning at the Dubai Police Officer’s Club, participants will embark on a captivating tour of the city, traversing a loop around the majestic Burj Khalifa in Downtown Dubai before venturing across Deira and skimming past the impressive Big Flag monument.

The route then extends beyond the city limits, leading cyclists into the tranquil expanse of the desert, where they will encounter classic sites such as the Al Qudra Cycletrack and the scenic Jumeirah Islands. As the race progresses, participants will be treated to breathtaking vistas as they make their way towards the illustrious Palm Jumeirah, culminating in a triumphant finish at Dubai Harbour.

Throughout the journey, cyclists will navigate wide, well-paved roads adorned with spacious roundabouts of significant size, ensuring a seamless and exhilarating race experience. The meticulously planned route showcases Dubai’s diverse terrain and architectural marvels, offering participants and spectators alike a glimpse into the city’s rich tapestry of culture and innovation.

The UAE Tour 2024 not only promises an exhilarating spectacle for cycling enthusiasts but also showcases Dubai’s commitment to hosting premier sporting events. The meticulously planned route takes participants on a journey that encapsulates the city’s vibrant urban landscape, its serene desert expanses, and its iconic landmarks.

Starting at the Dubai Police Officer’s Club, the race unfolds with a captivating loop around the Burj Khalifa, an architectural marvel that stands as a symbol of Dubai’s ambition and innovation. The cyclists, navigating through Downtown Dubai, will experience the bustling energy of the city, with the towering skyscrapers forming a backdrop to their journey.

The route then guides participants across Deira, providing a glimpse into the city’s historical district, before skimming past the striking Big Flag monument. As the cyclists weave through these diverse neighborhoods, they showcase the cultural richness and diversity that define it.

Venturing beyond the city limits, the race leads cyclists into the serene expanse of the desert, where the Al Qudra Cycletrack offers a picturesque backdrop for their endeavors. This leg of the journey not only challenges the participants but also allows them to immerse themselves in the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Jumeirah Islands, with its scenic waterways and lush landscapes, marks another highlight on the route. Cyclists, amidst the rhythmic hum of their wheels, will traverse this tranquil oasis, providing a stark contrast to the urban vibrancy experienced earlier in the race.

The grand finale unfolds as the route approaches the iconic Palm Jumeirah, a man-made marvel that epitomizes ingenuity. Against the backdrop of this stunning archipelago, the cyclists make their triumphant finish at Dubai Harbour. The picturesque setting of the finish line not only symbolizes the end of a challenging race but also reflects Dubai’s dedication to creating memorable and visually striking events.

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