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Dubai: Two men jailed for stealing thousands of dirhams, mobile phones from beachgoers at JBR – News

Dubai: Two men jailed for stealing thousands of dirhams, mobile phones from beachgoers at JBR – News

A couple left a black backpack on the beach and went for a swim but couldn’t find the backpack when they came back

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published: Monday, February 20, 2023 at 11:30 am

Last updated: Monday, February 20, 2023 at 11:31 am

Two men of Arab origin have been sentenced to a month in jail by the Dubai Criminal Court and will be deported for a series of thefts targeting beachgoers at JBR Beach.

The two defendants stole wallets, handbags and other valuables left by tourists while swimming.

According to case files, they stole a purse that belonged to a European man who was going swimming with his fiancée. The couple left their bags where they were sitting, but they couldn’t find them after returning from a swim. The bag contained three mobile phones, a wallet, two passports, credit cards, a car key and clothes.

The court stated that the two defendants were friends, of the same nationality, and both were unemployed. Together, they arrived in the UAE, looked for work and left their respective jobs at the same time before deciding to commit a crime.

They revealed they had been walking on the beach when they saw the victim leave his bag. One of the defendants was watching while the other grabbed the bag. They retrieved two mobile phones, a wallet containing about Dh4,850 in money and an electronic cigarette, threw the black backpack in the trash and left the scene.

They also admitted to using the same method in more thefts, as well as several other crimes. When the men were arrested, more stolen items were found at their residence.

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