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Dubai: ‘UAE will hunt the best talent, even if it’s over the moon’, says official – News

Dubai: ‘UAE will hunt the best talent, even if it’s over the moon’, says official – News

He spoke about welcoming nationalities from all over the world to live, work in the UAE

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published: Tuesday, February 14, 2023 at 12:01 pm

Faisal Al Bannai, secretary-general of the Advanced Technology Research Council, said the UAE welcomes people from all over the world and will hunt for the best talent, even on the moon and Mars.

“The UAE is a tolerant country that welcomes many nationalities from around the globe. We scour the globe for the best talent and bring them here. Even if that talent is over the moon, we’ll get it.”

“You think we’re looking for water on Mars, we’re looking for talent,” Al Bannai added.

“When we updated the policy, we decided to do our best here. We told them that the UAE can be home and you are not here for a while. You are here to be part of this society and this country. Some people got golden visas , some have been given citizenship. We’re bringing them all together with some of our amazing national talent to be part of this ecosystem,” he said at the opening World Government Summit Day Two.

Within two years, the UAE had recruited 750 senior technical researchers from 71 countries, of whom 144 were UAE nationals and 55 were female UAE citizens, he said.

He added that 10 research centers have been launched, including three last year, for quantum communications, autonomous advanced materials and more.

“We have over 100 active projects and over 60 projects in late stage research. We also have over 500 published research papers. What that does for us is that we have started to build an interesting critical mass. In research and Technology-wise, we’re starting to put Abu Dhabi and the UAE on the world map,” said Al Bannai.

He further revealed that the UAE has produced the first qubit in the Arab world and they are working hard to produce the country’s first quantum computer.

He said the first part of intercity quantum communication will be launched in 2023, and he hopes to launch it across borders next year.

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