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Dubai Welcomes 600 Global Experts and Futurists for the Inaugural WEF Global Future Councils Meeting with 600 Global Experts and Futurists”

The annual gathering of the Global Future Councils for 2023 is poised to commence on October 16th and continue until the 18th in Dubai, marking a strategic partnership between the UAE government and the World Economic Forum (WEF). This prestigious event will unite over 600 of the world’s foremost thought leaders, hailing from academia, government, international organizations, business, and civil society, representing 30 councils. Together, they will address emerging trends in five pivotal sectors: artificial intelligence and technology, environment and climate, governance, society, and economy and finance.

Shaping the Future: A Collaborative Endeavor:

The Global Future Councils meetings, slated from October 16th to 18th, are focused on sculpting the future of essential sectors, cultivating comprehensive strategies, and pioneering solutions to tackle current and forthcoming challenges in realms such as economics, technology, geopolitical dynamics, infrastructure, healthcare, society, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Two Decades of Forward-Thinking Collaboration

Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Co-Chair of the Global Future Councils, Mohammad bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, underscores the significance of international cooperation in shaping the future. He emphasizes the UAE’s vision that “the future is now,” reflecting the leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, who have made future-shaping a central focus of government endeavors.

Building Foundations for Tomorrow : Global Future

These meetings will not only offer solutions for the challenges of today but lay the foundations for shaping the global agenda of the future. These foundations will give rise to innovative models and solutions, bolstered by cutting-edge technologies, to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape, anticipate future obstacles, and forge a brighter future for humanity.

Global Future Councils: An Interdisciplinary Network

The Global Future Councils network stands as the world’s foremost multi-stakeholder and interdisciplinary knowledge network committed to cultivating innovative ideas that will pave the way for a more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable future. The network convenes thought leaders from around the globe, organized into thematic councils centered around areas of expertise, dedicated to creating transformative ideas that can have a global impact.

Envisioning the Future: Global Future

Topics on the agenda for the Global Future Councils 2023 meetings span a wide spectrum. They include the future of advanced manufacturing and value chains, artificial intelligence, autonomous mobility, care, cities, clean air, complex risks, cybersecurity, data equity, economics of equitable transition, energy transition, food and water security, geopolitics, good governance, growth, job creation, the metaverse, nature and security, net-zero living, philanthropy for climate and nature, quantum economy, responsive financial systems, responsible investment, responsible resource use, space, sustainable tourism, synthetic biology, tackling antimicrobial resistance, technology policy, and trade and investment.

Driving Innovation through Principles

The Global Future Councils operate on three core principles: innovation, data-driven international cooperation, and a multidisciplinary approach. They leverage the expertise of thought leaders from various sectors to create an international platform for collaboration between government and the private sector. These principles drive innovation and innovative thinking in shaping the future.

A Partnership for the Future

In January, the UAE government and WEF formalized their agreement to host the Global Future Councils, marking a significant milestone in their partnership. In May 2022, both parties further solidified their collaboration by signing a sustainable strategic global partnership agreement, aimed at exploring future opportunities and promoting cooperation to support global initiatives and develop comprehensive plans and strategies.

A Legacy of Future-Shaping: 

Since its launch in 2008, the Global Future Councils have seen over 12,000 participants from 100 countries participate in over 900 councils, addressing key sectors that impact humanity. This collaboration continues to redefine the future, emphasizing innovation, data-driven cooperation, and multidisciplinary engagement. As the Global Future Councils reconvene, they carry forward their mission to shape a better tomorrow

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