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Dubai’s captivating voice of Pokémon’s Ash Ketchum

Calling all ’80s born Pokémon fans! Remember Ash Ketchum from the beloved anime series? Well, meet Rica Matsumoto, the voice behind Satoshi (Ash in Japanese), in Dubai! She’ll be at Hamley’s in Dubai Mall until Sunday to meet and greet fans. Her love for Dubai’s warm and welcoming people, captivating culture, and traditions shines through as she shares her journey of becoming Ash’s voice. Exciting times in Dubai!

Matsumoto hails from a family with a strong acting background with her father being a respected figure in numerous plays. Inspired by his ability to bring joy to people through performances, she nurtured a dream of following in his footsteps from an early age, even acting alongside him during her formative years.

Rica Matsumoto with Dr Rashed AlFarooq, CEO of Speedy Comics.
Rica Matsumoto with Dr Rashed AlFarooq, CEO of Speedy Comics.

However, her life took a painful turn when she lost her brother during her upbringing, leaving an irreplaceable void. The sorrow led to a disease that weakened her body, making participation in stage plays too risky.

Nevertheless, Matsumoto’s passion for performing and acting led her down an alternative path in the entertainment industry, where her extraordinary voice became her true distinguishing factor. Encouraged by directors, fellow actors, and others, she set her sights on a career as a voice-over artist, using her voice to breathe life into characters while safeguarding her health.

In her reflections on her career, Matsumoto expressed that being a voice artist goes beyond just a job. To her, it means infusing characters with a soul, breathing life into scripts, and creating a profound connection between the audience and the stories portrayed.

Pokémon, since its inception in 1996, has enchanted generations of fans across the globe. Originally created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori as a video game for the Game Boy in Japan, it quickly expanded into a card game, an animated TV series, movies, and a plethora of merchandise. The vibrant and diverse Pokémon characters have ignited a sense of wonder and fueled the imagination of countless young fans.

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