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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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In this issue of Inspired by Louisiana, we focus on middle schools.

The title of Jennifer L. Holm’s book sums it up: “Middle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf.”

In middle school, students are faced with learning how to navigate more complex social dynamics, more difficult curriculum, newfound freedom, churning hormones, and a desire to fit in and be popular.

In this edition of Louisiana Inspired, we talk to experts about:

  • In an era of social instability at an all-time high, what are some Louisiana middle schools doing?
  • What an organization is doing to help middle school students build confidence and learn new skills;
  • How Georgia students are learning kitchen skills to help address food insecurity;
  • Even the discovery of shipwreck will not alleviate the difficulties of secondary schools;
  • As children begin to explore their identities and learn about friendships, how a counselor can help middle school students navigate the years filled with important social and emotional learning opportunities.

We occasionally do Louisiana Inspired themed issues and welcome your feedback and ideas.You are welcome to email me directly jan.risher@theadvocate.com.

wish all the best. Happy reading!

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