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Egis launches new building collection at leading real estate event


Renowned multidisciplinary engineering and operations firm Egis has launched a range of leading architectural practices to address the challenges of urbanization and climate change.

At MIPIM, France’s leading international real estate event, Egis CEO Laurent Germain hosted the launch of the new building series, bringing together leading architecture and design firms 10 Design, Weston Williamson + Partners, SB Architects and U+A alongside Egis engineers work to bring their vision to life.

The Architecture Line was established to foster creative synergy and collaboration across sectors, providing a holistic approach to urban design, architecture and engineering.

new office

Egis recently opened new offices in London, UK, which are shared workplaces for collaboration and design innovation. The establishment of the Egis Architecture Line follows the recent merger of international architecture practice 10 Design with SB Architects and Egis’ acquisition of Weston Williamson + Partners in 2022.

With over 740 architects and designers working in 18 studios around the world, the Egis Architecture Line represents global expertise in all sectors, including transport and infrastructure, energy, healthcare and institutional architecture, sports, hospitality, residential and Urban mixed use development. Sustainability is at the heart of the group’s work.

The Egis team developed the Paris 2050 climate plan, which has become a benchmark for other world cities to emulate. The driving force of the Egis Architecture Line is to design a more sustainable and equitable world.

great design and low carbon

Thomas Salvant, CEO Energy and Sustainable Cities, Egis Group, said: “Today, to solve the equation between great design and low-carbon, low-impact buildings, collaboration is becoming increasingly important to pool expertise and share knowledge .

“The Egis Architecture Line establishes a truly collaborative way of working where engineers and architects can work together on complex projects to produce innovative and efficient solutions. Today’s world faces relentless urbanization and climate The challenges of change call for this collaboration more than ever. Egis is committed to helping solve the grand challenges of the 21st century.”

Mickael Pinto, Deputy Chief Executive, International, Energy and Sustainable Cities, Egis Group, said: “Engineering is playing an increasingly important role in enabling architectural creativity and addressing climate change. For generations, the best buildings have been built by great Created through excellent collaboration between clients and architects and engineers. Excellence in architectural design has been an area of ​​focus for the Egis Group since its inception and with the creation of the Egis Architecture Line, different disciplines can work together to create more sustainable, Healthier buildings and cities.”

David Pringle, Architecture Line Director, Egis Group, said: “Architecture and urban design presents a significant opportunity for Egis to further develop its credentials in sustainable urban design. Egis provides a unique global platform from which some of the finest design firms Working closely together within a highly structured organisation, while each company retains its own culture, management organization and brand.” — trade arab news agency


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