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Egypt Rejects US Request to Arm Ukraine

Egypt Rejects Multiple US Requests for Arms to Ukraine Despite Receiving Billions in Aid Egypt has declined multiple appeals from the US to send weaponry to Ukraine, highlighting its commitment to maintaining neutrality in the European war.

Despite receiving substantial US military aid, Egypt has been unyielding in its stance.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s request to Egypt’s president, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, yielded a noncommittal response in March.

Leaked documents also revealed that Egypt initially planned to secretly supply Russia with rockets before changing course due to US pressure.

Washington sought artillery shells, antitank missiles, air defense systems, and small arms for Ukraine from Egypt, but the requests have gone unanswered since the meeting with Sisi.

While other Middle Eastern and North African nations have similarly rebuffed US appeals, Egypt’s refusal stands out due to its heavy reliance on US military aid.

Egypt, the second-largest recipient of US aid after Israel, receives around $1.3 billion annually. Despite economic challenges, Sisi has continued arms purchases and diversified defense partnerships with France and Russia.

Moscow became Egypt’s primary arms provider between 2017 and 2021. While there’s potential for the US to counter Russia’s influence, Sisi has shown reluctance to sever ties with Putin.

Egypt’s engagement with Russia, exemplified by wheat imports and diplomatic ties, has endured even as the war in Ukraine unfolded.

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