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Elektron Motors: Spearheading the Electric Vehicle Revolution in the GCC and Beyond

In an age where technology and sustainability collide, Elektron Motors, whose headquarters is based in Frankfurt Germany is carving out a niche in the electric vehicle industry. Born from a childhood dream filled with a passion for speed and a vision for a sustainable future, Elektron Motors is not only redefining electricity efficiency but also reshaping the global electric vehicle landscape. 

From a boy who loved cars and aeroplanes, the company has extended to become a formidable company in the GCC and international markets from simple childhood pleasures to the world’s fastest car is exemplary which takes a blend of dreams, innovation and commitment to transform the future, and highlights its growing influence, especially in the GCC and beyond.

Childhood Dreams Fueling Innovation

elektron motors

“The foundation of Elektron Motors lies in my childhood,” the founder Armagan Arabul begins, his eyes reflecting a deep-seated passion. “Growing up, I was enamored with the sense of speed and freedom that cars and airplanes represented. I was unbeatable in races, and that thrill of being fast, free, and invincible sparked my ambition.” He recalls how his experiences, including the playful nicknames ‘Armando Maradona’ and ‘Cheetah’ due to his agility and speed, and ‘Armageddon’ for his passion and determination laid the early groundwork for his future endeavors.

His environment further nurtured this dream. “Influenced by shows like Star Trek and movies such as Back to the Future, my imagination knew no bounds. My father Huseyin Arabul, a pioneer in Turkey’s energy sector, instilled in me an engineering mindset, while my mother Fatma Ozel Arabul’s background in literature and her artistic soul taught me to appreciate beauty in every detail.” At the tender age of five, he designed a car with an early concept of a navigation system, a clear indication of his future path in automotive innovation.

He further added, “I always dreamed about building my own car, which would be very fast and glorious. This is the base of the Elektron journey.” 

The Elektron Ethos: A Commitment to Excellence

“Our driving philosophy at Elektron Motors is inspired by Ayrton Senna’s words, ‘Being second is to be the first of the losers’. We apply this ethos across all our endeavors,” he explains. This relentless pursuit of being the best is not confined to creating revolutionary vehicles but extends to every aspect of the company. “Whether it’s engineering, design, performance or customer service, our goal is to excel and set new industry standards.”

Pioneering the Future with Sustainable Vehicles

Elektron Motors isn’t just about speed and performance; at its core, it’s about shaping a sustainable future. “When establishing Elektron Motors, a primary focus was to integrate environmentally friendly technologies,” the founder states. “We’re committed to advancing the use of clean energy solutions in the automotive sector, using innovative approaches like high efficiency electrical components and new generation energy storage systems.”

He further added, “During the establishment of Elektron Motors, it was a very important point for me to promote clean technologies and innovations that will help humanity fight against global warming.”

Overcoming Engineering Challenges

In the engineering realm, tackling complex challenges is essential. The founder of Elektron Motors, an electrical and electronics engineer having worked in energy sector for more than 20 years, a former race car driver and an experienced “petrol-head” turned “elektron-head,” brings a wealth of experience from racing and car modification. His background in business, engineering, and automobile tuning played a pivotal role in overcoming the challenges faced in the Elektron project. Central to his approach is the importance of having a skilled and capable team, key to navigating and solving the various obstacles encountered.

 “One significant hurdle we faced was evolving battery technology to meet our ambitious goals,” he shares. “We needed a solution that provided immense power without compromising efficiency.” The breakthrough came with combining li-ion batteries and ultra-capacitors, an innovation that sets the Quasar apart. “This achievement and more were results of relentless determination and the expertise of our solution partners and team members having experience in extreme environments like Formula 1 and space missions, who worked tirelessly to turn this dream into reality.” 

Agility and Innovation in a Dynamic Industry

elektron motors

In the fast-paced world of automotive technology, Elektron Motors stays ahead through its agility and innovative spirit. “Unlike larger, more bureaucratic companies, we can swiftly adapt and implement new ideas,” he points out. This approach allows Elektron Motors to continuously innovate, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of the electric vehicle industry. “Our team’s dedication to out-of-the-box thinking and passion for excellence keeps us at the forefront of technological advancements.”

Commitment to Carbon Neutrality and Environmental Responsibility

Elektron Motors’ vision extends beyond creating high-performance electric vehicles. “We are actively working towards becoming the first carbon-neutral OEM,” he asserts. This goal involves a comprehensive approach, from reducing the carbon footprint of vehicle components to implementing sustainable practices in their production process. “Our dedication to sustainability is unwavering, and we’re constantly exploring new methods to achieve this, including participating in social responsibility projects and clean energy investments.”

Setting the Benchmark in the EV Market

The Elektron Quasar stands as a symbol of the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. “With its unparalleled power and efficiency, the Quasar is redefining what electric vehicles can be,” he says with pride. 

Elektron Quasar features electric motors to have a power of more than 2.300 HP and torque of 2.400 NM, where these numbers are the best in the automotive world. Its power to weight ratio of 1,53 HP per Kg is also the best in the industry.

“Our use of ultra-capacitors alongside li-ion batteries, class-leading active suspension and aerodynamics, as well as the unique carbon monocoque chassis (the longest single piece and the strongest one in the market) are just a few examples of how we’re pushing the boundaries.” He also highlights their active involvement in racing as a critical differentiator. “Our participation in racing will not only showcase our vehicles’ capabilities but also will drive our technological development.”

Innovations and New Horizons

The future of Elektron Motors is filled with exciting possibilities. “We’re continuously exploring new technologies and advancements,” he shares. “Our aim is to make cutting-edge innovations, like ultra-capacitors and solid-state batteries, more accessible and feasible for larger markets. We are also looking at environmentally friendly bio-fiber solutions and how we can implement them in the future.” He also notes the potential transformations in battery charging, particularly the prospects of wireless charging, which Elektron Motors plans to pioneer in the coming years.

Arabul states “After reaching out to the Middle Eastern embassies in Germany, we received a strong recommendation to form a partnership with Licorne golf, an investment and corporate finance support holding for the Middle East Licorne Gulf, a family-owned Investment Holding business founded by Alexandre Katrangi and Irina Duisimbekova, operating in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain for the last 23 years. This partnership will be crucial in promoting our project and vehicle on an international scale, specifically targeting the gulf countries. We deeply value their proposed solution, which includes various investment and development stages, and have engaged in discussions with our preferred partners to establish Joint Ventures. Through this partnership, we aim to successfully launch our vehicle in Europe, the United States, and the Gulf countries.”

Core Values and a People-Centric Approach

At Elektron Motors, the core values of sustainability, innovation, and respect for individuals are deeply ingrained. “We believe that our most important investment is in people – our customers and team members alike,” he emphasizes. “Creating an environment of excellence, uniqueness, respect and ethical business practices is fundamental to our success and reflects in the products we create.”

Elektron’s Ambitious Future & Visionary Goals 

The founder’s vision for Elektron Motors goes beyond traditional boundaries. “Our long-term aspirations include not only leading in high-performance electric transportation on Earth but also extending our reach into space,” he reveals. “We’re excited about the prospects of space racing and eventually, space mining, as technology evolves.”


Elektron Motors represents the culmination of a childhood dream, a relentless pursuit of excellence, and a commitment to a sustainable future. As the company expands globally, including in the GCC, it continues to challenge and redefine the electric vehicle industry. From the race tracks to potentially the orbit of the moon, Elektron Motors is not just creating vehicles; it’s charting a path towards a new era of high-performance, environmentally responsible transportation.

Find more about Elektron Motors at https://elektronmotors.com/ 

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