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Emirates News Agency – EAD, ZHO collaborate on ‘Mission Zero’ campaign

Emirates News Agency – EAD, ZHO collaborate on ‘Mission Zero’ campaign

ABU DHABI, 27th December, 2022 (WAM) — The Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi, EAD, in partnership with the Zayed High Organization of People of Will, ZHO, has produced 2,500 reusable bags labeled ‘Mission Zero’ .
Mission to Zero is a public awareness campaign to achieve zero plastic, zero waste, zero emissions and zero biodiversity destruction through events and outdoor advertising.
These packages will be handcrafted by ZHO members and distributed through EAD, but most will be shared in ZHO’s events and channels so that they are available to the general public and those who are determined.
The bags, made of cotton, will also feature the ZHO logo to highlight their collaboration in the “Mission Zero” campaign.
Ahmed Baharoon, Executive Director, Environmental Information, EAD Science Extension Management, said: “We at EAD believe strongly in empowering people of determination and that we all need to embrace an inclusive culture where they play an active role in society. used bags, which will contribute to our Mission Zero campaign.”
“The bags will be of the highest quality and will be provided to the public as a tool to spread awareness of the dangers of single-use bags and encourage consumers to use reusable materials to help protect the environment,” he added.
Nafeh Ali Al Hammadi, Executive Director, ZHO Support Services, said: “Environmental awareness features high on ZHO’s agenda, meetings, activities and events. We are honored by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Hammadi. Proud to be named in honor of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – one of the world’s foremost environmental pioneers.
“We at the ZHO are trying to raise the level of environmental awareness among all our affiliates who support people of determination and our functional cadres. We are trying to build their capacity to spread this awareness among members of society, encouraging the Zayed People of Resolve Higher Organization and its All employees participate in activities centered on the environment while enhancing the environment of cooperation and exchange among institutions and associations aimed at protecting the environment.”

Referring to the initiative to recycle empty plastic containers – a tri-partite project launched by ZHO in partnership with Abu Dhabi Integrated Services Company ‘Musanada’ and Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company ‘Tadweer’ – Al Hammadi said, “This project perfectly highlights Zayed The Higher Organization of German Determined People is committed to protecting the environment and protecting our natural spaces, affirming the Foundation’s commitment to the principles of environmental safety.

He added: “People of determination who want to enjoy the safety and cleanliness of the natural world and appreciate the value of this constructive purpose reinforce the quality of the environmental education and training provided by the foundation. We base our work on the best recognized international methodologies All trainings and conventions are designed to equip attendees with an understanding of their role in serving the community and the ways in which they can make a positive contribution to the continued sustainable development of the UAE.”
This isn’t the first time EAD has worked closely with People of Determination, as in 2013, EAD today partnered with (ZHO) to launch the 13th edition of its annual Enviro-Spellathon program, which offers Arabic Braille for visually impaired students from 1 Grades through 6th grade.
Also, in conjunction with the National Celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the State of the Union. ZHO registered four perennial Ghaf trees in EAD’s database and estimated the age of these trees to be over 50 years.
Likewise, EAD, in partnership with ZHO in 2021, held a joint workshop with Green Youth Majlis members to promote the use of recycled materials and raise awareness about them. In addition, ZHO participated in several EAD cleanup events and participated in the Enviro-Spellathon.
Through the Mission to Zero campaign, EAD launched the Pile It Up school campaign, where schools compete to collect single-use plastic bottles for recycling. In addition, EAD has placed a device called Big Zero in a prime location in Abu Dhabi, which is also used to collect single-use plastic bottles. There are also “Mission Zero” branded outdoor advertisements on bridges and buses to raise awareness among Abu Dhabi residents. The agency will also launch an SMS campaign to encourage consumers to reduce the use of single-use plastic products.

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