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Emirates News Agency – Quartet partnership agreement supports ZHO’s emiratization work for ‘special education personnel’ profession

Emirates News Agency – Quartet partnership agreement supports ZHO’s emiratization work for ‘special education personnel’ profession

ABU DHABI, 8th February, 2023 (WAM) — His Excellency Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zayed People’s High Organization of Resolve, ZHO, said that the All initiatives and projects are under the direction of wise leadership, spare no effort to support all sectors of society.

He said that the profile of Emiratisation is one of the national priorities and one of the most important KPIs for the UAE, as the UAE government has drawn up a working map of the approach for the future of its own workforce to achieve the best possible investment in the youth of the UAE. potential to enhance the status of human wealth as a pillar of civilizational progress and development and as a cornerstone of sustainable development projects.

Sheikh Khaled commended the signing of the quadripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the UAE University (UAEU), Abu Dhabi Human Resources Authority (ADHRA), Zayed Higher Organization (ZHO) and the Ministry of Defence, representing the service of the country and Reserve Administration (NSRA), through the education, training and qualification of job-seekers for the National Workforce, through the implementation of education, training research programmes, and the emiratization of the profession of “special education teachers” in the ZHO, according to their will, to train (60) The skills of male trainees with a GCSE and upon completion of the service requirements entitle them for a period of 4 years for employment at ZHO is contingent on their successful completion of the academic programme.

The signing ceremony of the agreement was attended by HH Sheikh Khalid bin Zayed; National Service and Reserve Authority Chairman Ahmed bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan Staff Major General Pilot; Zaki Nusseibeh, UAE President and United Arab Emirates Cultural Advisor to the Rector of the Emirates University (UAEU); and Ahmed Tamim Al Kuttab, Member of the Executive Committee and Head of Government Support.

The MOU is signed by Dr. Ghaleb Al Buraiki, Principal of the UAE; Amal Nasser Al Jabri, Director-General of the Human Resources Authority of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi; Abdullah Abdullah Al Humaidan, Secretary-General of the ZHO; and Brigadier General Ali Obaid Al Mansouri, Director of the Media and Communications Department of the National Services Agency.

HH Sheikh Khalid bin Zayed addressed the candidates, congratulating them on joining the academic programme. “The UAE’s leadership believes that youth and their capabilities are the source of creative potential and an important driver in their development journey, and it strives to enhance their capabilities and develop their talents and provide them with skills that enable them to use their innovative ideas and Their development proposals and reflections actively participate in shaping the future of their countries and communities.”

He called on the young people participating in the program to work hard with determination, perseverance and a positive attitude, offering ideas and initiatives that can innovate practical solutions to challenges that stand in the way of their hopes and aspirations, and to stand up against People whose thoughts destroy all meaning of humanity, tolerance and peace, the noblest values ​​of any society.

“Supporting Emiratisation in the special education sector is not incompatible with ZHO’s ongoing efforts to attract global talent in the fields of care and rehabilitation of people of determination. Talent is the foundation of a diverse and strong economy, offering great opportunities for citizens and residents. The UAE will Continue to keep open in all areas to achieve a balanced labor market and thus stability for everyone,” he added.

Zaki Nusseibeh said: “The Emiratization of the educational workforce is one of the most important development pillars in the UAE as it helps to instill and strengthen a sense of national identity across generations and supports the efforts of the wise to lead a science- and knowledge-dependent society. country and continue its journey of sustainable development in the hands of the sons and daughters of the UAE.

“UAE is proud to have a Faculty of Education, which has been strengthening its position as a center of academic excellence in the region by gaining international accreditation from the US National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. It offers specialist programs in this sector in collaboration with the Education University of Hong Kong qualifications of special education educational leaders and school curriculum specialists.”

“We look forward to an agreement like this to graduate professional and outstanding educators with the knowledge, skills and professionalism in this category of education, which is dear to everyone’s heart, in accordance with internationally recognized educational standards,” he concluded .

UAE University

Under the MOU, UAEU will select and enroll students who have completed National Service from the shortlist of candidates submitted by the Authority according to the criteria set by the University and will join the academic program (special education teachers) to liaise with the ZHO. The University will provide regular reports to the Authority and the ZHO and provide them with a program of study for the academic program provided that it complies with the ZHO’s standards and requirements for the (special education teacher) profession. Minors for students in the program will focus on psychiatric disabilities, autism, and multiple disabilities. In addition, the university will coordinate with ZHO to conduct field training for students in multiple locations to acquire various professional knowledge. The University will provide academically intensive training on topics not covered in the normal academic curriculum.

The role of ADHRAs

The Abu Dhabi Human Resources Authority (ADHRA) will provide the University and the ZHO with a list of applicants and candidates for UAE nationals registered in the Authority’s database to join the academic programme. Conditionally, the candidate shall register with the Authority to facilitate his selection process among the ZHO student body and meet its requirements. The Authority will follow up the performance of the trainees throughout the training period, as well as the process of signing employment contracts with the trainees after graduation, based on the monthly reports the Authority receives from the University and ZHO. The Authority will pay the full cost of monthly tips for students enrolled at the School throughout their studies for a period of 4 years, provided that the Authority will pay the University the student’s monthly fees and liaise with the University.

ZHO’s mission

ZHO will select students for admission to the program from candidates registered in the ADHRA database, based on the requirements and needs of the Authority, based on the criteria set by the University, based on the geographical distribution of the candidates’ residence. ZHO will prepare and sign training contracts with current students selected for the academic program and will provide copies of such contracts to the Authority and will track and monitor the performance of trainees throughout the training program except upon successful completion of the academic program Enroll registered students within not more than (90) days of the date of the date and provide their names to the Board upon completion of the Service Requirements.

national service

Under the joint MOU, the National Service and Reserve Administration (NSRA), in coordination with other parties, will identify targeted students from among the names of students who have completed service requirements and wish to enroll in the program. In addition to participating in raising national servicers and encouraging them to join the programme.

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