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Emirates spends $135 million on new pilot training center


Emirates will soon build a state-of-the-art training facility for its future Airbus A350 and Boeing 777X aircraft, accommodating six full flight simulator cabins (FFS). The brand new 63,318 sq. ft. facility is scheduled to open in March 2024.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Airline and Group, said: “This US$135 million investment in the construction of a new pilot training center will Ensuring that Emirates is ready to begin pilot training before deliveries of its new fleet begin. Beginning in 2024. The building will be equipped with the latest, technologically advanced simulators to provide the best possible training for pilots, while using solar energy to reduce energy consumption. “

The new building will be adjacent to the existing Emirates training facility in Dubai, which will provide a good integration and close proximity to all other pilot training centres.

Student pilots will also benefit from being able to set up and configure the cockpit environment using custom equipment as part of a pilot training module and upload data to the Full Flight Simulator (FFS) before starting their training session. This innovative, first-of-its-kind concept is designed to shorten trainees’ preparation time inside the simulator, helping them stay focused and get the most out of their training time.

With the addition of the new building to Emirates’ existing training academy in Dubai, the airline will have the potential to expand its pilot training capacity by 54% per year. Across the airline’s training buildings, Emirates pilots will have greater flexibility and facilities to hone their flying skills, with 17 full flight simulator cabins providing more than 130,000 hours of training per year.

In line with Emirates’ plans to deliver its first Airbus A350 aircraft, the airline’s newest training academy will begin training its first A350 pilots in June 2024.

In addition to providing modern training facilities for its flight deck crew, the airline offers a range of world-class training and development programs for its employees and other aviation professionals. In Dubai, these include: the Emirates Flight Training Academy for cadets, the Emirates Aviation University, the Emirates Cabin Crew Training Center and numerous programs created specifically for its employees in its different departments. – trade arab news agency


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