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Empower creators and fans with a powerful Web3 entertainment ecosystem


The entertainment industry is known for its daunting barriers to entry, with a handful of studios and networks dominating the green-lighting process for content. Even when a project does launch, the actual people involved in its creation rarely have any ownership over its success. As for viewers, fans have few ways to engage other than consuming content and purchasing merchandise.

All in all, centralized platforms Web2 is Failing to provide creators with a truly direct way to connect with their target audience.although take As the lion’s share of the $100 billion creator industry, leading content creation platforms are often criticized for monetization and ownership models that are unfavorable to creators. As a result, many talented creatives end up being employees of their own creations.

Bringing power back to those who use the Internet through a user-centric approach, Web3 Trying to break the status quo between creators and platforms. Leveraging the inherent properties of blockchain technology, SOLIS is giving creatives and their communities better tools to produce and monetize content.

content fits the community

From A-listers to aficionados of storytelling, creatives need support to fund, produce and monetize their content, and that’s where SOLIS comes in.Now storytellers, actors, artists and directors can engage directly with their communities in the newly launched SOLIS Market. The new digital collectibles marketplace built on the Polygon network facilitates the creation, distribution and exchange of assets from movies, TV shows and other entertainment content that is part of the SOLIS ecosystem.

SOLIS offers new ways for global content creators to gain organic support from their community, including Web3-friendly digital collections of content generated from across the SOLIS ecosystem. By enabling storytellers to work directly with audiences, SOLIS provides content creators with true creative freedom and reduced intervention in the creative process.

To accelerate mainstream adoption by fans and the community, the marketplace registration process does not require any third-party crypto wallets or passwords. When users sign up, the platform automatically creates a secure blockchain wallet for them, enabling a passwordless and effectively “walletless” introduction to the NFT space. SOLIS announced a full lineup at launch, including NFTs of exclusive items such as affect change, her voiceFantasy Football Cause and Spoken World launch on the SOLIS market before summer.

End-to-end content ecosystem

SOLIS combines traditional media with a thriving decentralized space, introducing a Web3 marketplace and a token economy tailored specifically to the needs of the entertainment industry. The SOLIS ecosystem consists of HMBL House, a digital production center for content, SOLIS Studios, a feature film division, and SOLIS Market, a digital asset marketplace.

What sets SOLIS apart is that it’s not just a Web3 marketplace or exchange, but a production-driven ecosystem that works directly with talent to create and produce a wide range of content.you may not know HMBL house They’ve produced numerous successful productions such as Livestream Theater series scripts read by actors such as Dazed and Confused, Rocky Horror and The Goonies, as well as more mainstream shows such as Fantasy Football Cause and FOX Soul’s Christmas Special via Da Poetry Lounge.

source: HMBL house

Solis Studio is the feature film development and production arm of SOLIS, with a previously announced partnership with Defiant Studios, a partnership with PoC Studios and creator Ryoichi Wada announced at Cannes last year, and a slew of upcoming partnerships and film Horizons.

All of this content is financed, developed and monetized by good stepsa blockchain-focused sector for SOLIS Market and SOLIS Exchange, connecting the community with creators and the content they love through a variety of Web3 tools and DeFi solutions. SOLIS Labs has built an entertainment economy on the Polygon Network, including NFTs, DeFi applications, content financing, and future Metaverse and other decentralized partnerships and integrations and participation earning opportunities.

By creating a series of tools tailored specifically for traditional and Web3 content creators, the SOLIS ecosystem aims to return content ownership to creators. With SOLIS, creatives can finally fund, develop and distribute their own content while building organic, participatory, permanent communities for the future.

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