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Enjoy big-screen entertainment with Dangbei Smart Projector during Prime Day and save up to $510


As a movie and sports lover, you’re always eager to catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster and cheer on your home team’s victory. You want the real experience, but that usually requires a hefty price tag or a speed-hungry device.


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Now, you don’t have to worry. Dangbei Smart Projector is well received, allowing you to realize your dream of big-screen entertainment. Dangbei smart projectors are designed and developed to bring a wonderful cinema experience to your home, and its compact size and shape make it suitable for families of any size. They’re also easy to carry for movie or game night in any room, such as your bedroom, or a kid’s bedroom. You can easily take them on your next camping trip or to a new city.

With Dangbei Smart Projector, you can invite friends over for an exciting movie night or binge-watch your favorite shows together. Of course, you can imagine how much fun Saturday game night would be with your sports-loving friends.

Even better, it’s easier than ever to have Dangbei’s big-screen entertainment experience.yes, with Amazon Prime Day 2023 The event is coming, starting from July 8, 2023, you can buy Dangbei Smart Projector with a discount of up to $510!

Experience Dangbei’s biggest annual sale during Prime Day

Dangbei, a well-known smart projection brand trusted by more than 200 million users, will hold the biggest sale event of the year from July 8 to July 16, 2023. So you can snag the company’s best projector for an unprecedented price during Amazon Prime Day. From the flagship 4K laser home theater, Dangbei Mars ProThe best-selling officially licensed Netflix projector, Emotion N1or a compact all-in-one smart projector, Dangbei Neothere’s never been a better time to own Dangbei’s big-screen entertainer with big savings and incredible deals.

Dangbei Mars Pro: Stylish, bright, and top-notch 4K laser home projector

Dangbei Mars Pro Smart Projector

If you’re looking for an unrivaled audio-visual experience that brings movies and games to life in the comfort of your home, then Dangbei Mars Pro is your dream come true. This state-of-the-art projector features ALPD laser technology for true 4K UHD resolution. So you can see true-to-life color in every frame of your image, and resize it from 40 inches up to 200 inches with just one touch. Combined with 3200 ANSI lumens, you get the brightest viewing experience possible, day or night, sunny or cloudy. Plus, Mars Pro’s AI Realistic Pro graphics engine optimizes the brightness and color of each frame in real time for stunning clarity, depth and realism.

With Dangbei Mars Pro, you can enjoy the best and latest movies on your favorite HD channel, thanks to HDR 10 and HLG, which provide a vibrant, clear picture, every color, light and shadow flawless. Additionally, MEMC (Motion Estimation Motion Compensation) ensures motion blur-free and smoother images with an adaptive refresh rate up to 120 Hz, perfect for watching high-action movies, sports or gaming. If you’re a fan of 3D movies, support for 3D playback and realistic stereoscopic effects give you a cinematic experience right from your favorite sofa. Dangbei Mars Pro has also obtained TUV low blue light certification, which can reduce eye fatigue and allow you to easily watch your favorite content.

The audio of Dangbei Mars Pro also provides an amazing home theater experience. Two built-in powerful 10W speakers bring powerful sound to your space with Dolby Digital and DTS Studio sound technology.

Combined with a low 20ms lag rate and game mode with outstanding resolution, you can immerse yourself in the game and experience all the exciting action. You can also enjoy your favorite content by wirelessly casting content directly from your phone to the Mars Pro using the built-in Emotn Cast. Setting up Mars Pro is easy. Auto Keystone automatically adjusts image shape from any position.

A couple watching a football match with Dangbei Mars Pro projector

So if it’s a family sports night or a Hollywood blockbuster with friends, the sub-24dB noise level will ensure you won’t be disturbed while you immerse yourself in the big-screen entertainment of the Dangbei Mars Pro. Get it for just $1289 on Prime Day, a 28% discount off the original price of $1799, a savings of $510 starting July 8, 2023! Plus, you get a 4K streaming dongle for free!

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Emotn N1: The Netflix Specialist for Movie Lovers

Friends watching movies with Emotn N1 projector

If you are a movie buff, Emotn N1 is for you. Emotn N1 is a home projector officially authorized by Netflix launched by Dangbei’s dynamic sub-brand Emotn. Simply turn on Emotn N1 to access the huge Netflix library. All old, new, and all your favorite movies and TV shows are just a click away from the Netflix button on the included remote. The remote also has hotkeys for Prime Video and YouTube. This high-quality, compact projector is also very easy to set up. With cutting-edge ToF autofocus and auto-keystone correction, an ultra-fast 3-second setup makes everything a breeze. Before you know it, you’ll have a crisp, rectangular picture in seconds.

With native 1080p FHD resolution, HDR10 and HLG technology, 1.25:1 throw ratio and 500 ANSI lumens, you can watch all your favorite content with crystal clarity and incredibly bright white and pure black contrast.

Plus, you can set the screen size from 60 to 120 inches to watch anywhere from your living room to your bedroom, or on the screen on your balcony. Combined with two 5W speakers featuring Dolby Audio, you’ll immerse yourself in the dramatic drama and action that Emotn N1 brings to life.

Friends watching movie on rooftop with Emotn N1 projector

Designed for wireless and wired connectivity across devices, the versatile Emotn N1 features a built-in stand and a long-lasting 30,000-hour lifespan, making it a cool and exciting choice for big-screen entertainment in your home. During Amazon Prime Day, it’s on sale for just $289, a 28% discount from its $399.99 price.

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Dangbei Neo: the best compact theater experience with native Netflix

A family watching movies with Dangbei Neo projector

If you frequently move from one apartment to another, or like to travel, with entertainment close by, the Dangbei Neo should be your best companion. Yes, as an all-in-one mini projector with native Netflix functionality, the Dangbe Neo fits easily in your backpack and is easy to set up.

Small but stunning, the Neo delivers 1080p FHD visuals powered by DLP technology with 540 ISO lumens, HDR 10 and HLG. You can enjoy this stunning viewing experience on screens up to 120 inches, paired with two 6W speakers featuring Dolby Audio for equally immersive surround sound.

Home watching movies on Dangbei Neo projector

Dangbei Neo has remote hotkeys for Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube, which is perfect for enjoying movies, TV series and videos anytime and anywhere by touch. When planning a rooftop party or camping trip, the 3.13 lb Dangbei Neo is everything you need to enjoy everything you love with incredible quality. Get it for just $509 during Amazon Prime Day, an instant $90.99 off.

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Bring home the big-screen dongbei magic during Prime Day

Dangbei smart projector is a smart investment for big, spectacular, advanced, multi-functional and flexible entertainment experience. During Amazon Prime Day, you can shop at irresistible prices and great deals. Bring home the best in 4K starting July 8, 2023 Mars Pro is $1 Save $510 instantly.Save $110 on the Netflix Expert Emotn N1 and buy it for $289.If you’re an adventurer who likes to keep his entertainment on the go, choose something small but powerful Dangbei Neo is only $509 The discounted price is $90.99.

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