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Monday, December 4, 2023

Entertainment Calendar: June 28-July 4 | Entertainment


TROY DOUGLAS TRIO, Wednesday, June 28, 5-8 pm, Bailey’s Lounge, Grand Vista Hotel, 2790 Crossroads Blvd., 970-241-8411.

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kAm!p#p}~#|p{ rx#”&t[ dib_ A]>]2?5 gib_ A]>]$F?52J[ yF=J a[ |6D2 |2==[ acac &]$]w:89H2J eU2>Ajd_[ 2 7FD:@? @7 4:C4FD[ E962E6C 2?5 4232C6E F?56C 2 3:8 E@A E6?E[ E:4<6ED DE2CE 2E Sad 25F=ED[ S`d 286D `bU?52D9j`f[ 286D J@F?86C E92? `f C6BF:C6 2 A2C6?E @C 25F=E 8F2C5:2? 286 a` @C @=56C[ k2 9C67lQ9EEAi^^A2C2?@C>2=4:CBF6]4@>QmA2C2?@C>2=4:CBF6]4@>k^2m]k^Am


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kAm%wt %&t$sp* yp|[ eโ€“h A]>]%F6D52J[ yF=J c[ %96 p=6 w@FD6[ adb` }] `aE9 $E][ E2<6 2? :?DECF>6?E[ hf_\b`c\f__c]k^Am

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kAm!p{x$pst u~&#%w ~u y&{* rt{tq#p%x~}[ %F6D52J[ yF=J c[ A2C256 `_ 2]>]: ? 5@H? E@H? !2=:D256[ 6G6?ED 2?5 7@@5 ECF4< 2E ‘6E6C2?D |6>@C:2= !2C< “ 2]>]U?52D9j` A]>][ k2 9C67lQ9EEAi^^A2=:D2564@4]4@>^6G6?EDQmA2=:D2564@4]4@>^6G6?EDk^2m]k^Am


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