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Envi Lodges Offers Property Previews in Al Ahsa Oasis


GCC-based luxury eco-hotel management company Envi Lodges has debuted its first property, Envi Al Nakheel, a luxury sustainable hotel in Saudi Arabia’s UNESCO-listed Al Ahsa Oasis.

Scheduled to open next year, the brand’s launch project, responsibly built on a traditional date farm, will offer 25 eco-accommodation pods, with one and two bedrooms, and an arrivals kiosk, a one-of-a-kind Farm-to-table dining concepts, coffee shop, wellness center (spa), kids club, swimming pool, and immersive experiences unique to this location.

Preview images of the lodge reveal striking sustainable design, with pods and guest facilities designed by Thailand’s Fractal Architects blending with the colors and textures of the farm and surrounding landscape, designed by award-winning interior design firm Kristina Zanic The consultant’s interior design was inspired by the natural location and architectural heritage of the Al-Hasa region.

Fractal employs a ‘plant-based architecture’ approach inspired by the date palm’s trunk, leaves and foliage patterns and its structure, with the building extending upwards and outwards in an embracing manner just like the trees. In a nod to the region’s traditional mudbrick buildings, earth and straw will be combined to provide a textured finish with earth tones.

The harmonious and nature-oriented interior design aims to create a strong sense of place, reflecting the location in every aspect of the design and creating an authentic and unique identity for the hotel. The design narrative captures the spirit of “sitting under a palm tree” – a local expression that conveys the custom of social gatherings under the cool shade of trees.

Each eco-lodge operated by Envi adheres to high standards of sustainability and its architecture and interiors will use sustainable building practices and organic materials, incorporating as much as possible natural elements commonly found in Hasa such as palm leaves and bark, straw and local elements. Derived paint and textured finishes.

“Our first project, Envi Al Nakheel, is not only a design triumph but also reflects our strong commitment to sustainability, with each ecolodge being locally inspired and built using local and sustainable materials to reduce damage to the environment,” said Nöelle Homsy, co-founder of Envi Lodges.

“When we first unveiled our launch project in Saudi Arabia, a destination with a vision for responsible tourism, we sought to champion a new way of travel where true luxury for guests lies in knowing that they The accommodation takes into account the protection of wildlife, the careful use of resources and the support of local communities.”

The design proposal for Envi Al Nakheel follows the announcement last month (May 2023) that Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Development Fund (TDF) had signed a financing agreement with Afyaa Group subsidiary Golden Frond Hotel Services Company to develop the property.

This is the first agreement between TDF and the private sector for a luxury eco-lodge in Saudi Arabia, and the project has received a construction permit, demonstrating the parties’ commitment to advancing sustainable tourism in line with the goals of the Saudi Arabian National Tourism Authority. Tourism Strategy and Kingdom Vision 2030 Plan.

Al-Khasa is one of 10 tourist development destinations and the first site in the region to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its rich archaeological features showing human habitation since the Neolithic evidence.

Envi Al Nakheel will be one of three ecolodges in Al Ahsa, each with its own setting and concept, but all within driving distance of each other. – trade arab news agency


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