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EPA Holds Recreation District Hearing

EPA Holds Recreation District Hearing

Last updated on February 19, 2023 by: courtney cole

Downtown Excelsior Partnership Hears Meeting About Proposed Recreation District at Downtown Excelsior Springs
Downtown business owners discuss proposed entertainment district at hearing Tuesday, February 7, 2023 Photo Courtney Cole

Downtown Business Owners Invited to Hearing Tuesday, February 7, 2023 Casa Di Vite International Wines coffee shopCity of Excelsior Springs Economic Development Director Melinda Mehaffy and Downtown Excelsior Partnership Director Lyndsey Baxter led a panel of more than 20 local business owners to openly discuss whether to propose a downtown entertainment district.

current city ​​code Someone is not allowed to drink alcohol in public. Chapter 600120 G1 state:

No person shall possess any open container of any alcoholic beverage or substance nor consume or consume any alcoholic beverage or substance of any kind on or on any public property within Excelsior Springs, including without limitation any Public buildings, streets, alleys, sidewalks, public places, parks, recreational facilities, or public facilities, except as provided for by a special use permit.

During downtown events, special use permits are issued to city managers and city leadership teams, allowing those attending events to walk downtown with alcoholic beverages in hand. However, it will be illegal for the rest of the year. Recreation areas are an opportunity for people 21 years of age or older to walk and consume alcoholic beverages in permitted areas. Mehaffy reports that there have been no issues in the past, and that most attendees respect the downtown setting. She also explained that the ordinance is not for people to bring their own alcohol, but instead it will be a way to increase business for all downtown businesses.

To differentiate, those who are allowed to drink freely will need to drink from branded cups, which will be distributed through downtown businesses for a small fee. It will also allow drinks to be sold and served in front of businesses. In this case, they don’t need branded cups to enjoy alcoholic beverages. Hopefully, businesses will have the ability to shop at a nearby store while enjoying a drink if someone waits. However, in order to comply with the liquor license, someone is not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages to another licensed establishment. It also doesn’t allow someone to walk freely throughout the city center and drink. The proposed constituency boundaries and timetable must be approved by council. Streets with large populations, such as South Marietta, are outside the proposed boundary. Recognize that if there are boundaries, there must be appropriate dispositions. Baxter mentioned that the DEP board is aware of the need for litter and signage throughout the district.

Downtown Excelsior Partnership Hears Meeting About Proposed Recreation District at Downtown Excelsior Springs
Lyndsey Baxter, Director, Downtown Excelsior Partnership, at Tuesday’s listening session Photo Courtney Cole

The meeting is an opportunity for downtown business owners to first decide whether Mehaffy and Baxter make recommendations to the committee. Allegedly, they will not move forward if any major issues are raised. The Downtown Council plans to review the ordinance and make adjustments as needed. Asked if any council members had expressed disapproval or if police had concerns, Baxter reported that so far none had been shared.

The plan is a formal proposal to City Council at its February 20, 2023 meeting. In the meantime, public feedback or questions regarding this issue should be directed to Lyndsey Baxter at 816-637-2811 or Melinda Mehaffy at 816-630-0752.

Proposed Map of the Downtown Excelsior Partnership Recreation District Boundary
Proposed boundary map, shown in grey. Encompassing Slightly Off Broadway may be a proposed change to what is shown here.

what is allowed

Customers leaving licensed premises between noon and 10:00 p.m. and carrying a plastic cup of 16 ounces or less. The mug must bear the licensee’s logo or the Downtown Excelsior Springs logo,

Between noon and 10:00 pm, patrons walk along sidewalks within the entertainment coverage area after leaving the establishment in the entertainment coverage area.

Glassware used in sidewalk cafe/seating areas where food is served.

Mobile boutiques, food and beverage distribution vehicles will be allowed with the proper permits.

Outdoor music, singing and entertainment until 11:00pm.

what is not allowed

A customer leaves a store with more than one drink at a time.

Anyone who consumes alcoholic beverages from a can, bottle, unbranded paper or plastic cup, or glass container on the street, sidewalk, or parking lot within the entertainment district.

Containers larger than 16 oz. Removed from licensed institution.

Anyone who consumes alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle.

Alcoholic beverages purchased outside the zone for consumption in public places and parking lots within the entertainment zone.

Alcoholic beverages, no matter where they are purchased, must be brought into licensed establishments.

Underage drinking anywhere in the district.

proposed district boundaries

<< 在此输入地区边界 >>

what is entertainment area

An entertainment district is an area of ​​a city designated for leisure and cultural activities, such as dining, shopping, and entertainment. These areas usually have a concentration of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, theaters and other entertainment venues.

What are the benefits of having an entertainment district in a city?

Having entertainment districts in cities can have multiple benefits, including increased tourism, job creation and economic growth. They also serve as centers of cultural and social activity, providing residents with spaces to gather and enjoy their evenings.

What entertainment items are there in the entertainment area?

Entertainment districts can offer a variety of options, including live music venues, theatres, movie theaters, arcades, bowling alleys, comedy clubs, and more.

Do entertainment districts only exist in big cities?

No, entertainment districts can be found in cities of all sizes, although they are generally more common in larger urban areas.

What are the hours of operation for the entertainment area?

Hours of operation for entertainment districts may vary in specific areas and the individual venues within them. However, many entertainment districts have extended hours, with many establishments operating late into the night.

How safe is the entertainment area?

The security status of entertainment districts varies, but many cities have taken steps to ensure their entertainment districts are safe places to visit, increasing police presence and improving lighting and security measures.

Is the entertainment area only for adults?

unnecessary. Many entertainment areas have family-friendly options, such as theaters and restaurants, for all ages. This was also a theme brought up during the listening session, with it being mentioned that family activities, such as pickleball, were also part of the local discussions.

How much does it cost to visit the entertainment area?

The cost of visiting an entertainment area can vary widely depending on the particular region and the type of entertainment you choose. Some venues may have free admission, while others may charge an entry fee or require the purchase of tickets. Food and drink costs can also vary in the region. In the Excelsior Springs offer, admission is free, but there may be a small fee for the plastic branded cups you bring with you when you travel.

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