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Explore Dubai’s tropical rainforest, the ideal green summer escape

Explore Dubai’s extraordinary bio-dome, The Green Planet, this summer. A tropical rainforest wonderland nestled in City Walk Dubai, it boasts over 3,000 plants and animals. Team KT ventured into this green haven as part of the Dubai Destinations campaign, uncovering the city’s top-rated summer experiences.

As visitors step inside, they are transported into a captivating rainforest environment, connecting with nature as animals roam freely and vibrant birds soar overheadFrom majestic toucans to different rainforest levels, such as Canopy, Midstory, Forest Floor, and Flooded Rainforest, this sanctuary offers diverse perspectives of nature’s delicate ecosystem.

The heart of the experience is the 82ft-tall kapok tree, symbolizing nature’s resilience and grandeur.

The adventure continues with close encounters with winged wonders and other animals. Tickets can be booked on-site or online, with options for multi-entry and group packages.

The Green Planet aims to promote environmental conservation and deepen appreciation for nature’s wonders through its unique and educational rainforest encounter. Prices start at Dh110.

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