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Favorite character returns in ‘Party Down’ finale surprise

Favorite character returns in ‘Party Down’ finale surprise

after an unexpected revival party downThe comedy classic’s star and producer are mourning the absence of a cast member.

But at the end of the revival season party down The actor makes an appearance as Adam Scott’s Henry breaks up with new girlfriend Evie (Jennifer Garner).

when henry worked part time again party down, while teaching English and drama at a high school, an old flame walks in. Of course, it’s Liz Kaplan (Kathy).

Kaplan and party down Co-founders Rob Thomas and John Enbom interviewed rolling stone About the ending surprise.

“I was supposed to be in the season and then a scheduling conflict combined with strict Covid rules meant it was impossible for me to be involved. It was really heartbreaking. It was something we had been waiting for so long. So when they contacted me Say, “Hey, we can fly a split unit to New York to shoot this little tag, and we’ll be sneaky. are you ready? ’ I was like, ‘Obviously, obviously! “Personally, I’ve watched the whole thing and I’m sad because I wasn’t there. But from a narrative standpoint? Highly commended. A+. ”

“As incredible as it was to be able to pop out at the end, I still feel like I’m not coming back. But yeah, it’s nice to have this little secret.”

“I was probably more worried than I let people know that they would think I didn’t want to come back, or that they didn’t want me to come back. I tried to verbalize as much as I could about how hard it hit me. My teammates were so sweet and made me feel Being a part of it. Even when I’m not there, I can connect with them. So it’s very, very bittersweet.”

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