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FFC leaders fly to Abu Dhabi to discuss Sudan’s political process with UAE leaders


March 8, 2023 (Khartoum) — A delegation of Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) will fly to the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday, where they will discuss the volatile political process of ending the coup and restoring a civilian transitional government.

Last January, ARPF announced that they would visit some regional capitals to explain the ongoing process and their position, as the Sovereign Council chair appeared increasingly reluctant to implement the framework agreement.

“The FFC Liaison and Foreign Relations Committee will meet with the UAE leadership to discuss final arrangements for finalizing the political process under the Political Framework Agreement,” read a statement from the FFC on Wednesday.

The UAE, which is part of the US-led QUAD, supports the trilateral mechanism’s efforts to restore civilian government.

In Juba last January, FFC leaders briefed President Salva Kiir on the ongoing process and their position on the Juba peace agreement.

The pro-democracy coalition plans to visit Chad, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

According to the framework agreement signed on December 5, 2022, the signatories must form a transitional civilian government after large-scale consultations on five issues.

Army leaders are at odds with the vice-chairman of the Sovereign Council, who also serves as Rapid Support Forces commander, over the implementation of the agreement. In addition, they are at odds with the political group signatories to the political agreement.

However, while military leaders have been tough on more political involvement, some political leaders still hope that Burhan will change his mind and accept a quick transfer of power to a civilian government under the efforts of international mediators.



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