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FIMM Events & Exhibition LLC- Dubai Presented Dubai Poetry Festival 2024 became one of the most historical poetry event of Dubai with a Twist of Ghazal and Sufi Songs which mesmerized the audience

The poetry lovers of Dubai witnessed something spectacular this weekend (20th of April -Saturday) in ‘Dubai Poetry Festival’ which was held at Glendale International School Oud Metha Dubai. The event was focusing on different aspects of urdu poetry. The program started with the ‘Sehra mai Shayari’ the Dubai Mushaira, started with Adnan Munawwar, the session looked extremely decorated with quality young names of Urdu poetry like Tarif Niyazi, Hina Abbas, Muskan Syed Riaz, Nasar Naeem & the session was presided by Zaheer Hasnain.

Next in the show was the extremely soulful singer Sumedha Dey, who took the listeners on the roller coaster in her session ‘Mehfil e Ghazal’. The third session in the festival was the ‘GRAND MUSHAIRA’ poets like Shehzada Gulrez, Tahir Faraz, Ahmed Mushtaq, Aijaz Ansari, Abdul Jabbar Sharib, Samar Bachrayuni, Shadab Ulfat, Ehyal Bhojpur & Prerna Pratap who graced the session with their high quality poetry. The session was anchored by Moosa Malihabadi & presided by Dr Zubair Farooq Al Arshi.

The last session was ‘Sufi Night with Sameer Khan Niazi’ which ended on a very happy notes where the audience could not stop themselves from leaving their chairs and started dancing on the floor. The event was attended by all the top Urdu personalities of UAE such as Pushkin Agha, Rehan Siddiqui, & Syed Farhan Wasti, Manazir Abbas and Imad Ul Malik.  Sufi singer Sameer actually played a vital role to make this event a blockbuster, with his amazing singing skills & selection of songs, he impressed one & all with heart throb numbers.

Guest of honor of the event was Mr Bu Abdullah, the event was sponsored by Mr. Bu Abdullah group of companies & powered by Oro24 Developments which is headed by Mr Arif Rahman who supported Dubai Poetry Festival which was organized by FIMM Events .The entire Radio promotion was meticulously done by celebrity RJ Syed Arshad and FIMM Events will remain forever grateful for the support of VIBE FM 105.4 .On this occasion we also had the honor to welcome the CEO VIBE FM 105.4 Mr Arsalan Rehman and he said

He is very happy with all the arrangements made by FIMM Events and he always supports these kinds of Festivals which brings the audience from the subcontinent, together in one Platform” Dubai poetry festival is also supported by Hilium Advertizing and Marketing which is headed by Mr Manoj of Oriented Marketing along with his subsidiary Biospace Scientific Equipment LLC.

There was a special support from Axis Workshop which is headed by Mr Gurmeet. Last but not the least R3 Factory headed by Mr. Mukul Anand who stood by us at every moment since inception of Dubai Poetry Festival and he also helped in bringing the audience to the hall in spite of bad weather conditions in UAE.

The event was conceptualized by young Urdu poet Tarif Niyazi who said “Dubai Poetry Festival will become an annual calendar in UAE and next season will be full of new surprises with new talents from across the subcontinent

On this occasion Lokesh Mishra (Co-Founder of FIMM Events) said that “Our moto of FIMM Events is Spreading Happiness and we will continue to do so in much bigger and better way in years to come. On the concluding remark Dr. Shahzada Siddiqui (Co-Founder of FIMM Events) said “ We will continue giving our platform to the new artists to showcase their skills to the world “

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