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Final Fantasy 16’s sex was a welcome break from MCU-era entertainment


But that’s not the point. final fantasy 16Sex scenes (such as they are) are far less important than the fact that sex is clearly present in this universe. Many of the game’s main characters are even driven by sexual desire.Although they sometimes weaponize (or fall victim to) these desires, sexuality is final fantasy 16 More often than not, it is seen not only as part of many relationships, but as part of the human experience. For a game that’s clearly interested in making many of its main characters feel like real people, getting those characters to discuss, desire, and yes, have sex ends up being a big part of that seemingly simple goal.

more importantly, final fantasy 16At a time when so many blockbusters of the MCU era have sexualized characters but never acknowledged sex in a meaningful way, the acknowledgment of a character’s sexual desire and activity feels more refreshing than it should be.as many others had before pointed outIn the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some of the most physically attractive actors in the world go out there and never have sex, even making their characters express basic sexual desires. Even the most high-profile Marvel Cinematic Universe relationships (Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, Wanda and Vision) are largely devoid of even the simplest displays of sex or other physical intimacy.until Eternals There is anything close to a sex scene in the MCU movies. Despite the hype, the scene ends up being confusing, basic and somehow even tamer than the smoldering gazes the MCU typically relies on.

It’s not just an MCU problem, though. Many modern blockbusters from popular entertainment in the MCU era have veered toward the “sexy, but not sexy” philosophy.As mentioned above, this is a model final fantasy Also followed for quite some time. Sometimes the decision to remove certain pornographic material is subject to review by a ratings board or similar governing body. In recent years, however, more and more major entertainment shows have simply decided to ignore such themes out of fear that they might alienate even supposed audiences.

Granted, there has been controversy over the years about mishandled sex scenes and inappropriate behavior in movies and TV shows. However, that’s not what I’m talking about in this example. It’s not about forcing actors into situations they’re not comfortable with. This is not to add explicit sex scenes to PG-13 or teen entertainment. It’s not even about the immediate return of the explicitly sexually erotic thrillers that were so popular in the ’80s and ’90s. No, my real concern is that a lot of modern blockbuster entertainment doesn’t even dare to acknowledge sex, let alone portray characters who consider sex a notable part of life.

I know that there are many (often legitimate) concerns about how sex is depicted in entertainment. What I don’t know is when or why so many in power seem to decide that the most acceptable solution to these problems is to ignore the subject as completely as possible. Well, that’s not a solution. This is a dangerous concession, the consequences of which may only be truly felt until the actual resolution of this debate becomes more complex and important. It’s one of the reasons why entertainment for adults is becoming an endangered species at a time when the notion of “never growing up” is being catered to and exploited at an alarming rate.

Excellent, final fantasy Finally grown up. remind you final fantasy 16 It’s not a perfect example of how sex can be shown and discussed in video games. It might not even be a perfect example of how sex is displayed and discussed in social media. final fantasy game. Still, it’s a rare step for a major franchise that’s been content to do what many major franchises do sexually: pretty much nothing.


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