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Financial Specialist Jobs at Khalifa University


2. Purpose of work

The Finance Specialist performs duties related to the management, development, implementation and monitoring of the accounting and procurement functions of the RIC-2D Center with a focus on areas of expenditure including capital expenditure procurement, project invoicing and financial reporting, staff payroll and general financial management.

3. Key roles and responsibilities

strategic responsibility

not applicable

Operational Responsibilities

  • Provide support to the Centre, including assistance with financial management and reconciliation of project accounts.
  • Request new account setup and liquidation.
  • Apply for new treasury centers and accounts, track and follow up on open financial commitments.
  • Periodic Reporting Center to manage expenditure and progress reports. • Monitor RIC-2D Budget Holders/Awardees’ compliance with MoPA and University regulations regarding financial reporting.
  • Maintain records of external financial reporting requirements for RIC-2D budget recipients
  • Assist in filing non-financial reports when necessary.
  • Coordinate and manage requests for fee extensions, carryforwards, rebudget requests, scope changes, and other award changes
  • Ensure all requests comply with Sponsor Financial and Procurement Guidelines and University Policies
  • Monitor procurement and finances to ensure monthly reports are properly approved, submitted on time, and properly filed and stored.
  • Manage project changes, including rebudgets, extensions, additions, and other revisions.
  • Track spend and variance monitoring and follow-up
  • Advise on significant spend variances as needed.
  • Ensure that data is accurately entered into relevant financial and procurement systems.
  • Work with the RIC-2D team to ensure effective management of financial and procurement matters including purchase requisitions, budget reporting and payment request processing
  • Works with the Operations Manager to resolve issues, answer questions and provide guidance on finance and procurement related topics on a daily basis.
  • Coordination of management and support functions to support resource, financing, procurement and contract management for all RIC-2D activities.
  • Close all funding activities consistent with University processes and timelines.
  • Comply with the University’s information security and confidentiality policies and procedures and report breaches or other security risks accordingly
  • Coordinate with other departments as needed to facilitate completion of tasks and responsibilities
  • Engages with RIC-2D budget recipients on a regular basis to ensure reports, invoices and contracts are up to date and to work across departments to resolve any issues that may arise with sponsor requests.
  • Assist in answering inquiries from the KU and RIC-2D communities regarding procurement, operations, accounting and reporting needs.
  • Interpret and analyze financial data; and effectively manage multiple tasks
  • Create and maintain tracking mechanisms to ensure timely submission, review and documentation of monthly, quarterly, annual and final progress, procurement and financial reports and change requests in accordance with agreed rules and regulations for RIC-2D expenditures
  • Ensure that finance and procurement related correspondence with RIC-2D budget recipients and KU officials are recorded in the Grants Management System
  • Assist in the development of standard procedures, contract templates, form letters, purchase requests and other guidance documents to ensure the smooth operation of the center and maintain the document repository
  • Coordinate with Operations Manager and other administrators to ensure consistency of processes and procedures in RIC-2D (as appropriate).
  • Perform other duties assigned by line manager

Regulatory Responsibilities

not applicable


Qualifications and Experience

required qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in business, finance or science or relevant experience in a research/funding environment such as a research funding agency, foundation or university’s internal funding function.

required experience


  • At least 5-7 years relevant experience.

UAE nationals:

  • At least 0-1 years relevant experience

If you need further assistance or experience any problems with the online application, please contact the Recruitment Team (Recruitment Team@ku.ac.ae).

Main location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Work: expert

schedule: regular

transfer: standard

job type: full time


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