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Finding Nemo: Peek into the depths of our planet’s oceans at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi


Jumping dolphins, colorful starfish, sea lions resting on rocks and wandering walruses are just some of the underwater creatures you can get up close and personal with at Abu Dhabi’s newly opened Sea World. It is not only the largest marine theme park in the Middle East, but also the place with the most species of its kind in the world. Located on Yas Island – home to parks such as Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld and Warner Bros. World – SeaWorld spans 1,83,000 square meters over five floors. The park houses 100,000 marine animals in eight different areas, giving you an immersive experience of the life of more than 150 aquatic species that thrive in the depths of the ocean. Natural ocean environments have been recreated with rocks, coral reefs, caves, wave motion, simulated currents and even rough waters.

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The park’s massive entrance immediately impresses visitors with its sheer size. After taking the two-story escalator, guests arrive at the ticketing area and then step into a spacious space that recreates the ambiance of a lush mangrove forest. At the heart of the park is “One Ocean” that connects all areas.

A giant globe in the center and a wraparound screen displaying marine life set the tone for the amazing experience to come.

zoom area

Abu Dhabi Ocean Kingdom” introduces the marine ecosystem of the Gulf. There are four pools where you can touch and see rays, starfish turtles and invertebrates. Among the eight areas, the most fascinating is the “Endless Ocean”, It transports visitors to the heart of the underwater world.In an aquarium with more than 68,000 animals, sardines swim gracefully, colorful fish swim around, and nine species of sharks offer a glimpse into the ocean’s more menacing one side.

The Ocean Walk through the acrylic tunnel will take you to the habitat of marine life
abound. Prepare to feel sudden chills in the temperature-regulated polar ocean regions, where sea otters and walruses take pride of place.

One can even celebrate the two realms of the Arctic and Antarctica here by petting a walrus – no
Not to be missed here are the penguins.

At Rocky Point, which is similar to the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States, you can watch seals rest and even feed sea lions resting on the rocks. Head to the warm waters of the “Tropical Sea,” where flamingos and dolphins are highlights. Microocean is a vibrant area where small marine life such as jellyfish and plankton are enlarged to give visitors the illusion of smallness as they walk through the arches.

Shows and Rides

SeaWorld also hosts a series of shows throughout the day that provide entertainment and education. A traditional pearl fishing show offers a glimpse into the Middle East’s pearling industry, which was an important source of income for the region before the discovery of oil. The Tropical Amphitheater showcases amazing dolphin acrobatics, while the Rocky Bay Amphitheater features sea lions for a fun educational show emphasizing the importance of conservation.

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For thrill seekers, the park also offers a range of rides. Get ready for an exhilarating experience on the Manta roller coaster, the world’s first guaranteed hair-raising zero-gravity flip ride. Family-friendly rides like Eel Racer in the Microocean region offer slower giant eel-themed coasters. Another notable attraction is the Jelly Plunge Tower, which occupies one, and twists and turns.


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