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Fosbury and Beyond: How Jo Dsilva is Reshaping the Corporate Services Industry

In the dynamic world of corporate services, Jo Dsilva stands out not just as the founder of Fosbury but also as an astute entrepreneur leading multiple ventures. With a keen eye for opportunities and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Dsilva has guided his flagship enterprise from its nascent stages in Dubai to its current global acclaim. But beyond Fosbury, he has demonstrated his business acumen across various companies, showcasing his versatility and prowess in the corporate realm. In this exclusive interview, he pulls back the curtain on Fosbury’s strategic evolution, delves into the challenges and triumphs of his entrepreneurial journey, and imparts wisdom for the next generation of industry leaders. Join us as we explore the story and strategies of one of the sector’s foremost visionaries.

Can you share key milestones and turning points in your journey as an industry leader or entrepreneur?

With its headquarters located in Dubai, Fosbury stands as the preeminent Corporate Service Provider, adept at turning ideas into opportunities. Our growth trajectory has been both organic and steady. Despite facing challenging market conditions due to the epidemic, we have successfully maintained a robust and sustainable position.

This roadmap delineates Fosbury’s strategic evolution, from its humble beginnings in Dubai to its expansion across pivotal regions, underscoring our unwavering commitment to global growth and adaptability in an ever-evolving business milieu.

  1. Foundation: Fosbury embarked on its journey in April 2019 with its establishment in Dubai, setting the stage for expansive growth.
  2. Branch Expansion: By June 2020, Fosbury augmented its influence by inaugurating a branch in RAK, UAE, thus solidifying its footprint in the United Arab Emirates.
  3. Global Expansion: November 2020 marked Fosbury’s foray into the Asian market with the inauguration of a branch in Hong Kong.
  4. Southeast Asia Inroad: Fosbury further cemented its stance in the buoyant Southeast Asian market by establishing a branch in Singapore in June 2021.
  5. Pacific Reach: April 2023 saw Fosbury broadening its horizons by inaugurating a branch in the Marshall Islands, amplifying its presence in the Pacific realm.
  6. Corporate Evolution: Embracing the digital age, Fosbury manifested its commitment to innovation and growth by constituting a holding company in Dubai Digital Park in July 2023.

What inspired you to start your own company or venture in this industry?

I was inspired to start a corporate services provider company by a deep-seated passion for simplifying the complex and often overwhelming administrative and regulatory processes that businesses face. Having witnessed firsthand the challenges businesses encounter in managing their legal, financial, and administrative affairs, I recognized a significant need for specialized support tailored to their unique requirements, especially in the Pan Asian and Middle Eastern region. My aspiration is to leverage my expertise in corporate law and business administration to offer efficient, reliable, and client-centric solutions that empower businesses to thrive. The opportunity to be an integral part of their growth journey, while simultaneously contributing to the broader business ecosystem, is what drives my commitment to this endeavor.

How do you foster innovation within your company? Can you provide an example of a successful innovation initiative?

To continually improve the value we provide to our clients and adjust to a constantly changing business environment, our corporate service provider organization must foster innovation. We promote open communication where all team members are encouraged to share their ideas and views to foster an innovative culture. In order to provide our staff with the most up-to-date resources and methods for problem-solving and creativity, we make regular investments in training and development. Cross-functional cooperation is a key pillar that allows us to draw from diverse viewpoints and knowledge. Additionally, we set aside funds specifically for innovation-related projects and foster a risk-accepting environment where deliberate experimentation is welcomed.

Our development of a unique digital platform that simplifies the customer onboarding process is one innovative project that stands out. Recognizing the industry’s need for efficiency and compliance, we brought together the expertise of our legal, technological, and operational teams to create this platform. It reduces onboarding times by 40% and ensures full compliance by automating regulatory checks using advanced AI and machine learning techniques. This innovation has not only streamlined the onboarding process for our clients but also elevated the quality of our service delivery. It exemplifies our dedication to leading innovation in the corporate services sector.

How do you attract and retain top talent in your organization?

Our organization’s strategic objective is to attract and retain outstanding individuals. To achieve this, we compete for the best talent in our sector by offering competitive compensation packages, which include salary, benefits, and performance-based bonuses. We place a strong emphasis on fostering a culture of lifelong learning and professional development by providing opportunities for growth, training, and career progression. We champion a supportive and diverse environment where employees feel valued and motivated. Recognizing the significance of work-life balance, we offer flexible hours and remote work opportunities where possible. Additionally, we regularly seek feedback from our team members and implement their suggestions to improve our working environment. Because of our commitment to creating a supportive, innovative, and rewarding workplace, we successfully attract and retain the top talent in our sector.

How important has mentorship and networking been in your professional journey?

Throughout my career trajectory, both networking and mentoring have played pivotal roles. Having a mentor provided me with invaluable advice, empowering me to surmount challenges, make judicious decisions, and hone essential skills. Conversely, networking has opened doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and insights. Establishing connections with colleagues, thought leaders in the industry, and a diverse range of professionals has expanded my horizons and enriched my knowledge base. The combined influence of networking and mentoring has been instrumental in my growth, allowing me to continually learn, adapt, and flourish in my career.

How do you assess and mitigate risks in your business?

At Fosbury, we adopt a proactive approach to assessing and mitigating risks within our corporate service provider business. Our exhaustive risk assessment includes regular reviews of legal and regulatory shifts, market dynamics, and client-specific factors. We uphold rigorous due diligence processes to evaluate prospective clients and ensure their alignment with our compliance standards. Additionally, we remain vigilant in monitoring emerging risks and trends, positioning us to swiftly adapt to novel challenges. Our dedication to risk management is further demonstrated through continuous training for our team, ensuring they are adept at identifying and countering risks effectively. This safeguards our clients’ interests and sustains our industry-leading reputation for reliability and compliance.

How do you adapt your business strategy to capitalize on emerging opportunities and industry shifts?

In response to emerging opportunities and market shifts, Fosbury consistently adapts its company strategy with a dynamic approach. Through continuous research and analysis, we monitor evolving customer needs, market trends, and regulatory changes. Our agile decision-making process enables us to pivot swiftly and tailor our services to capitalize on new opportunities. By nurturing an innovative culture, we empower our team to devise and implement cutting-edge solutions, ensuring we remain at the industry’s vanguard. By staying adaptable and forward-thinking, we ensure that Fosbury is not just equipped to navigate but also to lead and positively influence industry changes.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs in this industry? What key lessons have you learned along the way? we asked Jo Dsilva

My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in this industry is to prioritize learning and adaptability. Remain curious and consistently educate yourself about the ever-changing landscape of corporate services, regulations, and technology. Establishing a robust network of industry professionals can provide invaluable support and insights. Additionally, never underestimate the significance of innovation and client-centricity; these attributes will distinguish you. Throughout my journey, I’ve recognized the importance of resilience and the capacity to embrace change. Anticipate setbacks, but perceive them as opportunities for growth and learning. Above all, ensure that integrity and transparency are at the heart of your business, as they lay the foundation for trust and enduring client relationships.

What are your long-term goals for your company? How do you plan to remain competitive in the evolving business landscape?

Our long-term ambitions for Fosbury are anchored in consistent growth, global outreach, and innovation. We aspire to be a globally recognized leader in corporate services, continuously broadening our geographic footprint and diversifying our service offerings to address the shifting needs of our clientele. To maintain our competitive edge, we remain committed to technological innovation, leveraging data analytics and automation to bolster efficiency and compliance. Fosbury will also cultivate a culture of adaptability, ensuring our team is primed to adeptly navigate regulatory changes and industry evolutions. At the heart of our journey, our unwavering commitment to client-centricity and delivering unparalleled value will propel our sustained success in the dynamic business landscape.

Connect with Jo Dsilva on LinkedIn.

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