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From “Hi Barbie, Hi Ken” to “Yes to Heaven,” here are some Reel trends you should know about this week


This week’s Reel trend has brought us so many cool things that we can hardly resist the urge to recreate them!

Social media trends are what we live by right now, and this week’s Reel trend is mostly inspired by new releases.Recently released trailers Barbie Movie Gets us all excited. We can’t wait to be a part of this adventure. While we wait for this movie, it also brings us some trends, as many creators are trying to do. The “Hey Barbie, Hi Ken” trend inspired by movie trailers looks like a lot of fun.Another trend that is gaining momentum is the king’s woollatest song from . It was worth the wait for the official release of Yes to Heaven. Lana Del Rey’s latest release has taken the internet by storm, and here’s how much we love every aspect of it. People on social media are trying to create content that matches the vibe of Lana’s music, and it’s all so beautiful.

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and appreciate the things that make your life better? Sometimes we overthink or burden ourselves.recent “This part of my life is called peace” Trends arrive to remind us to take some time to appreciate the things we love. There are many things you can like, but for those who love to move, Instagram always brings some dancing trends.Like, this week we have “Elevator Boy” or “This year (blessing)” Dance trends are more fun to try with friends.

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Here are some you must try!

hi barbie hi ken

yes heaven

This part of my life is called peace

elevator boy

Desperadoes (Fort Taisher)


this year (blessing)

Bachna el Haseno

How many have you tried? Let us know in the comments below!

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