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From late February through December, entertainment in Naperville is packed with special events – Chicago Tribune


Over the next year, Naperville will host 40 special events that reflect the city’s history, arts, sports and multicultural heritage.

Naperville City Council has approved the 2023 events calendar, requiring city services and/or street closures so sponsors and organizers can continue planning and the city’s special events team can begin scheduling logistical meetings to review routes, personnel Equipped with levels and traffic control schemes.

Events team members include staff from Community Services, Police, Fire and Public Works, Naper Settlement, Naperville Public Library, and Transportation, Engineering and Development. Other organizations including Edward Hospital, the Naperville Park District and the Naperville Downtown Alliance are also involved.

The 40 events over 105 event days take place mainly on weekends from February 25th to the end of December.

Council can still review details of individual events throughout the year.

One change for 2023 is the Irish Festival, which is scheduled to take place in Central Park on September 22-23. In 2021 and 2022, the West Suburban Irish hosted the event in Frontier Park on the south side of the city in August.

Other special events planned for next year include:

February 25 – Naperville Winter Oktoberfest, Frontier Park;

March 11 — St. Paddy’s Day 5K, Downtown and North City Streets;

March 11 – St. Patrick’s Day Parade, from Naperville North High School to downtown;

April 23 – Naperville Women’s Half Marathon, downtown and city streets;

29-30 April – Soap Box Derby, corner of Diehl and Frontenac roads;

May 4th—Water Street Characters;

May 6 — Naperville Food Truck Festival, Naper Settlement;

May 7 – MS Walk, Grand Pavilion and City Streets in Naperville Park;

May 20 – GLOW 5K Run, Fifth Avenue/Plank;

May 29 – Memorial Day Parade, downtown;

3-4 June – Soap Box Derby, corner of Diehl and Frontenac roads;

June 16-17 – Naper Night, Naper settlement;

June 17 – Classic Car Show, city center;

June 17 – Juneteenth Celebration, Rotary Hill;

June 24-25 – Naperville Women’s Club Art Fair, Naper Settlement;

30 June – 3 July – 4th of July Tribute Celebration, Rotary Hill;

July 4th – Community Fireworks, Frontier Stadium;

July 8 – Summer Oktoberfest, Naper Settlement;

July 14-15 – Naper Night, Naper settlement;

August 4-6 – Festa Italiana, Naper Settlement;

August 6 – Naperville Sprint Triathlon, downtown and city streets;

August 12 – Naperville Food Truck, Naper Settlement;

13 August – India Day Parade and Celebration, Rotary Hill and City Streets;

August 18-19 – Naper Night, Naper settlement;

August 20 – Old Naperville Days, downtown;

August 26 – Scott School Scoot, City Street;

September 1-4 – Last Fling, downtown;

September 4th – Labor Day Parade, downtown;

September 9 – Pride, Naper settlement;

September 9-10 – Soap Box Derby, corner of Diehl and Frontenac roads;

September 16-17 – Riverwalk Fine Art Fair, downtown;

September 16 – Central Park Hispanic Music Festival;

September 22-23 – Irish Festival, Central Park;

September 24th – Water Street Dinner, Water Street;

September 30 – Rotary Mountain Multicultural Festival;

October 6-7 – Oktoberfest, Naper Settlement;

7-8 October – Soap Box Derby, corner of Diehl and Frontenac roads;

October 11 – Night of the Witches, Naper Settlement;

October 20-21 – Halloween, Naper Settlement;

October 22 – Naperville Half Marathon and 5K, downtown;

October 27-28 – Howling at the Moon, Naper settlement;

October 29 – Trick or treat, hosted by the Downtown Naperville Alliance;

Nov. 22 to Dec. 31 — Naper Lights, Downtown Water Street and Smart Park;

November 23 – Turkey Trot, city center;

NOVEMBER 24 – Downtown Naperville Rotating Holiday Lights Parade.



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