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From the UAE to Bahrain, 7 countries with no income tax

Tax season is here, and while we are all saddled with taxes, some countries have no income tax at all. You read that right! There are other sources of income to fund their government – mining, oil production, tourism, etc. The countries on this list are scenic and sure to make you want to divert. Take a look:

UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Situated on the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, the UAE is a thriving economy – from healthcare facilities to the education system, the UAE offers its residents the very best in amenities.

That’s not all, there is no income tax in the UAE. You read that right! While enjoying a high quality of life, residents do not need to pay any taxes on their personal income. Corporate taxes on oil companies and foreign banks are the country’s main source of revenue.


Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. The country does not impose any capital gains tax nor does it impose any wealth tax. Monaco is one of the most expensive countries to live in.


Qatar is an oil-rich country located in the Persian Gulf. Employed individuals are not taxed on their salaries, wages and allowances. However, individuals will be taxed if they generate qualifying Qatari source income.


Bahrain, a small archipelago of 50 natural and 22 man-made islands, is another oil-rich country that pays no personal income tax. There are also no taxes on inheritances, sales or capital gains. High taxes are imposed on businesses operating in the oil and gas industry. The country also generates income from the profits made from the extraction or refining of fossil fuels.


If you live in Bermuda, you do not pay income tax. Not only that, but there is no VAT, corporate income tax or sales tax. That’s not all, employers don’t have to pay payroll taxes.


Kuwait does not levy income tax on income earned by individuals. However, residents must contribute to social security.


The Bahamas is a tourist paradise – which helps boost the economy. Residents pay no taxes on income, inheritance, gifts or capital gains, making it a tax haven.

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