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FTA launches ‘Classification of Tax Agents’ initiative


The Federal Tax Agency (FTA) has introduced the Tax Agent Classification scheme to simplify tax compliance for taxpayers. The scheme provides an online procedure for taxpayers to select a dedicated tax agent based on the sector to which their taxable economic activity falls, choosing from a list of 10 different sectors reflecting approved taxation agencies registered with the Authority. Agent’s real experience.

In a press release, the FTA said it had launched the initiative to increase customer satisfaction with the services provided by tax agents. Taxpayers can access the Register of Authorized Tax Agents on the FTA website, use the “Filter Agents” option to categorize them by profession or industry, and select an agent from the relevant industry.

The FTA revealed that as part of the scheme, 319 approved tax agents (more than 70% of the total of 454 agents registered with the Authority) have been classified according to their industry.

The FTA emphasized that these performance agreements represent a transformative project to drive the UAE towards a more competitive future. These projects have had a significant impact on various sectors in a short period of time, paving the way for the implementation of new workflows within the UAE government.

Khalid Ali Al Bustani, Director General of the FTA, said: “The Federal Tax Authority has launched the Tax Agent Classification Program as part of its strategy to facilitate the government’s efforts to enhance the UAE’s position as a hub for the new tax economy, by creating the world’s most dynamic economy, in line with the vision of ‘Our UAE 2031’, which requires redoubled efforts to realize the government’s aspirations, which will have a positive impact on the UAE’s society and various sectors.”

“The Authority is committed to continuously evolving its services to meet the aspirations of its clients, improving their experience and expanding the range of innovative solutions to facilitate tax compliance,” added Al Bustani. “These solutions are designed based on the results of the poll and recommendations made by the Authority through direct communications with customers. The FTA is designed to engage ratepayers in ongoing development and modernization programs and is designed to align the services provided by the Authority with the actual needs of customers Be consistent, facilitate access to services of the highest quality standards, and reduce the time and effort required to close transactions.”

The FTA Director-General highlighted the user-friendliness of the Tax Agents Classification Scheme, which simplifies the selection process for taxpayers by providing an up-to-date list of professional attorneys for each sector. These lists are easily accessible on the Authority’s website, streamlining the process, increasing efficiency and enhancing the effectiveness of the tax system.

The Administration conducted a comprehensive study to understand the needs of taxpayers seeking to participate in free trade agreements through tax agents. The study reveals that many clients face challenges in choosing the right tax representative due to the growing number of authorized representatives registered with the Authority. Based on this research, the Authority implements innovative programs that take advantage of the latest technologies.

The classification process involves adding specializations for tax agents based on their prior experience in a particular tax department or service. Agents can select the industry or service they wish to be classified by providing supporting documentation such as reference letters from taxpayers and proof of prior experience.

The FTA outlines new classification sectors for tax agents registered with the Authority, including VAT registered businesses, corporate tax, SMEs (Muwafaq package), GST registration, warehouse keeper and designated area registration, GST registration, citizens building new homes and mosques , government and charitable entities, foreign businesses (non-residents) and real estate owners.

By implementing the tax agent classification scheme, the IRS expects to improve compliance with tax return filing, tax payment and tax registration deadlines. It also allows all parties involved to easily access accurate information related to tax procedures.


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