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Funding Pips at the Forefront: Lailayan Almasri’s Strategies for Industry Leadership

Embark on a journey into the dynamic world of marketing and entrepreneurship with Lailayan Almasri, a trailblazing leader and the Chief Marketing Officer at Funding Pips Prop Firm. In this exclusive interview, Lailayan Almasri shares her unique approach to team leadership, her inspiration for venturing into the industry, and her pivotal role in steering Funding Pips to prominence within the prop firm sector. Discover the challenges she faced, insights on the evolving business landscape in the UAE, and her vision for the future. Uncover the principles of creativity, integrity, and transparency that drive innovation, and gain valuable lessons for success in the competitive business environment.

Join us as we delve into the mind of Lailayan Almasri, the “People’s Manager” and explore the strategies that have positioned Funding Pips at the forefront of the industry.

Could you briefly introduce yourself and describe your current role and responsibilities?

I am Lailayan Almasri, a 29-year-old mother, wife, and human rights activist. I hold a bachelor’s degree in German and English for business and communication, as well as an MBA in Global Business Administration. Currently, I serve as the Chief Marketing Officer at Funding Pips Prop Firm. In my role, I am responsible for the comprehensive social and public representation of the company, leading a highly skilled and creative team of designers, meta experts, copywriters, and content creators.

What inspired you to venture into this industry?

I have always harbored a passion for marketing in its various forms. I firmly believe that even the best product can falter without effective marketing techniques and advertisements. A skilled marketer has the ability to present a flawed product as a luxurious one. However, I never envisioned myself working in this industry. The driving force behind my involvement stems from my love for my husband, who serves as the CEO of Funding Pips. My unwavering commitment to witnessing his success has propelled me to fulfill my role in the most proficient manner possible.

How has the landscape of your industry evolved in the UAE over the past few years? we asked Lailayan Almasri

The prop firm industry is relatively modern, having been introduced approximately eight years ago, but it has gained significant popularity over the past two years. I take immense pride in contributing to Funding Pips’ ascent to one of the top 5 companies in this industry within a remarkably short span of just one year.

The UAE stands out as a global hub for innovation and creativity. It is evident that the UAE leads the world in attracting businesses and startups, actively streamlining procedures to facilitate the establishment or relocation of businesses. Initiatives such as reduced or zero taxes make the prospect particularly enticing for most business owners. This assumption finds support in the observed trend of several other prop firms relocating to Dubai. At Funding Pips, we are particularly proud to be pioneers, being the first prop firm in the Middle East to commence operations from day one in Dubai.

What have been some of the most significant challenges you’ve faced in your entrepreneurial journey, and how did you overcome them?

I can confidently assert that one of the most significant challenges we faced was establishing a robust brand presence in the industry, particularly given the emergence of our company amid numerous others in the same sector. In today’s competitive landscape, gaining the trust and loyalty of customers is exceptionally difficult, making initial exposure paramount.

The journey was arduous, yet armed with a steadfast commitment to delivering superior service or products, coupled with high levels of integrity, transparency, and adherence to business ethics, the foundation for building ultimate trust in our company was laid. It became my goal to demonstrate to our customers and the public at large that we operate ethically and professionally. Subsequently, everything became more manageable.

As an industry leader, what trends or changes do you anticipate in the Gulf market in the next 5-10 years?

Technological development is rapidly changing, especially in the gold sector! The UAE, as a current and future business hub, will continue to enhance services for businesses to thrive. The vision for Gold from day one was to provide businesses with everything needed to sustain and improve. In the next 5 to 10 years, the economy in the Gulf area will boom.

The UAE/MENA is known for its rapid development and innovation. How do you ensure your company stays ahead of the curve in such a dynamic environment?

The answer is simple: Creativity, Integrity and Transparency. This constitutes the fundamental equation for fostering innovation and achieving success.

Lastly, what is one key takeaway or lesson from your experience that you believe would benefit our readers, especially those looking to make a mark in this industry?

I have a very unique and different approach to leading a team. I care about the mental health of the team members. I encourage them to take a day off when tired because I believe in dealing with the team with respect, humanity, and ethics. When you embrace your team and make them feel like they are part of a family, you ensure an increase in productivity and efficiency. I don’t believe in the normal business hierarchy! Yes, every team member should know their roles and act accordingly, but the team should work as one unit despite the different roles to achieve the company’s vision and goal. Lastly, I would like to emphasize the importance of a healthy working atmosphere. Life is already hard enough to make the workplace another hard stop in one’s life. When the team is happy, satisfied, and comfortable in their workplace, the company goals are met. All the employees call me the PEOPLE’S MANAGER, as I always approach everyone and encourage them to talk when having any problem on a personal or professional level to maintain the feeling of a family that is one unit!

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