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Germany restarts “Embrace Nature” tourism campaign


The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) continues to strengthen its sustainable tourism offering and is about to relaunch one of its most popular campaigns, “Embrace German Nature”.

Relaunched on March 1, the campaign highlights Germany’s great outdoors, highlighting a range of protected natural landscapes, great cycling and hiking trails, and top-notch spa and health resorts.

With 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and more than 33 percent of Germany under special environmental protection, the campaign also highlights stunning natural landscapes, including 18 biosphere reserves, 16 km of national parks and 104 natural reserve parks.

Ecotourism is expected to grow 15 percent between 2021 and 2031, according to an analysis by the Future Market Insights Institute. Embrace German Nature aims to take into account the growing needs, align with market demands and help Germany achieve its sustainable development goals.

Yamina Sofo, GNTB Regional Director, said: “The ‘Embrace Germany’ campaign promotes the physical and mental health benefits of sustainable tourism, the advantages of climate-friendly travel and transport options, and the overall well-being impact of embracing Germany’s most natural resource.”

“Mindfulness, sustainability and being close to nature are all gaining popularity in the GCC market. This further encourages us to relaunch a tourism campaign that will not only objectives and harmonize the responsible use of natural resources.”

Inspiring and fascinating, Germany has a diverse ecological makeup, with more than 300,000 kilometers of hiking trails spanning coastlines and islands, majestic mountains and lush forests. The country is home to approximately 50,000 species of animals and 20,000 species of plants, which means nature experiences are everywhere.

Those looking to keep fit while enjoying the views can enjoy the many world-renowned hiking trails and 76,000 kilometers of biking trails. In 2023, various short-distance cycling routes will be certified for the first time, opening up a wider range of outdoor activities for people of all abilities. These include the Buchen Hercules Trail in Baden-Württemberg; the Marquis Round of Bavaria; and the Ruhland Trail in Hesse. – trade arab news agency


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