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Ghanaian Energy Minister to showcase opportunities for United Arab Emirates (UAE) companies at…

Aiming to unlock the next generation of energy sector growth for Africa by strengthening collaboration between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and African energy stakeholders on investment and industry knowledge, Invest Africa Energy Dubai Edition will unite African energy policy makers, Investors and companies discuss market challenges and opportunities with their UAE counterparts as they sign industry-changing deals.

Representing one of Africa’s hydrocarbon giants – with proven reserves of more than 1.035 billion barrels of oil and 1.72 trillion cubic feet of natural gas – Hon’s participation. Dr Prempeh was instrumental in showcasing gas projects, electrification plans and the vast opportunities available to Emirati energy investors across the West African country’s entire energy value chain at the Invest in Africa Energy event in Dubai.

While Ghana ranks among the top African countries with over 90% energy penetration, the government’s efforts to achieve energy for all by 2025 as part of the country’s electrification plan has opened up new opportunities for global investors in the power sector.

Both UAE and Ghana demonstrate their commitment to drive energy security and industrialization backed by optimal hydrocarbon extraction

In terms of natural gas, Ghana is accelerating the development of infrastructure and resources to ensure energy supply. The Ghana National Gas Company signed an agreement at the beginning of the year to build a second natural gas processing plant with a daily processing capacity of 150 million standard cubic feet. February 2023. In the oil industry, the government is working with various stakeholders, including Tullow Oil, to maximize exploration and production as part of efforts to enhance resource extraction and monetization to meet local, regional and global energy needs, while promote economic growth.

With 3 offshore basins and 1 onshore basin currently undergoing exploration and production activity, 12 operators have signed 14 oil agreements, and 30 discoveries since 2007 – most recent in 2022 – With approximately 70 oil blocks available for licensing, Ghana’s oil and gas industry is poised for growth and promises a strong return on investment for global investors. Additionally, the simple and attractive energy regulatory framework makes Ghana a safe investment destination for global investors.

Stepping into the picture, Dubai’s Invest Africa Energy event represented the ideal platform for Hon. Dr Prempeh will network with UAE oil and gas companies and investors to discuss collaborative opportunities that are critical to enhancing oil and gas investment and development in Ghana. The UAE will play a key role in ushering in a new era of oil and gas development by bringing capital and expertise into Ghana’s growing energy value chain.

Meanwhile, Ghana is fast-tracking the deployment of wind and solar energy as part of the country’s National Energy Transformation Framework to accelerate diversification of the energy mix for energy reliability and environmental sustainability. UAE companies and government agencies represent some of Africa’s most credible and leading project developers and investors as Ghana seeks investment to maximize its just energy transition agenda – ensuring 10% renewables in the energy mix by 2030, by 20% of the energy mix by 2070 – the ‘Investing in Africa Energy’ event in Dubai provided Hon with the opportunity. Dr Prempeh secures credible UAE partners and investments to increase renewable energy penetration in Ghana.

“The Chamber is delighted to host Hon. Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh Minister at the Africa Energy Investment event in Dubai, who will showcase Ghana’s vast yet untapped potential for oil, gas and renewable energy to UAE and global energy investors. Both the UAE and Ghana are proving They are committed to promoting energy security and industrialization while optimizing hydrocarbon extraction while accelerating the deployment of renewable energy. Therefore, it makes sense for the two countries to strengthen cooperation in expertise sharing, energy investment and project implementation. This is The Invest in Africa Energy event in Dubai will focus on key points,” said AEC Executive Chairman NJ Ayuk.

At the Invest Africa Energy event in Dubai, Hon. Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh will participate in high-level discussions and an exclusive networking forum to promote opportunities for UAE companies in the Ghanaian energy environment.

March 30, 2023, Invest Africa Energy Dubai event (https://apo-opa.info/3ECln4A) are open to all guests. Replies are essential.reply to Register@aecweek.com.

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