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Monday, September 25, 2023

Google offers employees office stays at $99/night

Amid the post-Covid-19 transition back to office work, workplaces are innovating to entice employees’ return. Google is also joining this trend, aiming to ensure a smooth return to the campus environment.

According to local media sources, the tech giant is introducing an appealing incentive – discounted hotel stays for $99/night (approximately Dh364) at its newer campus in Mountain View, California.

In response to employee concerns about commuting time and expenses following the pandemic, Google initiated the return-to-office process.

However, resistance from employees, who highlighted their increased productivity while working from home, prompted the company to reconsider. Notably, Google has achieved remarkable profits during this period.

It’s worth noting that the hotel stay won’t be subsidized by Google, given the company’s prior travel cost reductions.

Employees have reportedly discussed the offer on an internal forum, emphasizing the enhanced amenities provided by the hotel at a lower cost. Conversely, some speculate that this offer might be a strategy to address the company’s hotel occupancy issues.

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