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Hayah launches groundbreaking program to create affordable wealth


Hayah Insurance Company, the UAE’s leading life and savings protection provider, has launched a groundbreaking savings plan that gives you easy and affordable access to world-class wealth management expertise.

Through its new Simple Savings programme, Hayah aims to break down investment barriers and make wealth accumulation and financial planning tools accessible to all UAE residents.

Gone are the confusing processes and endless pages of documentation that made many abandon traditional programs. With an intuitive digital platform and a minimum investment of just $20 per month, Simple Saver provides clear, trackable investing for a diverse global portfolio managed by BlackRock.

simple saver

“Simple Saver is a testament to our belief in the power of financial inclusion and our commitment to investing in democratization,” said Mohamed Seghir, CEO of Hayah. “With Simple Saver, we make wealth accumulation a reality for everyone, no matter their income level.”

Not only does Simple Saver’s low annual management fee decrease as customers’ savings grow, but the program also allows customers to withdraw their savings at any time through a secure online dashboard. Customers are free to continue saving flexibly until they turn 74, as long as they commit to the plan for at least five years.

“We strongly believe in inclusive financial growth,” said David Howard, Head of Strategy and Digital Transformation at Hayah. “With Simple Saver, we are challenging norms, breaking down barriers, and leading the way in accessible investing solutions. This product marks our journey to redefine the investing landscape and make saving and financial planning accessible to all An important milestone for . We firmly believe that Simple Saver will change the way individuals think about and engage with investment products.” — trade arab news agency


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