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Hayat Biotech supports the ambitions of the Abu Dhabi Life Sciences Centre.


Hayat Biotech, a UAE-based biotechnology company, recently organized a thought-provoking symposium entitled “Abu Dhabi’s Life Science Revolution” at the capital’s Khalifa University. The event, in partnership with Boopin, marks the inaugural series of Life-Biotech Conversations aimed at fostering knowledge exchange and exploring key priorities in healthcare.

Mustafa Al Rawi, Acting General Manager of CNN Business Arabic, moderated the panel discussion, highlighting the importance of the evolving life sciences industry, focusing on the UAE’s current role and the role it will continue to play in the future. Lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic underscore the importance of self-reliance and access to essential health care and services. In addition, the need to work with neighboring countries and global partners to build resilience globally that transcends geographic boundaries is highlighted.

Discussions at the event were aimed not only at mitigating risks, but also at exploring opportunities within the life sciences. It highlighted Hayat Biotech as a prime example of a UAE-based Abu Dhabi-based company whose investors made positive decisions.

Naser Al Yammahi, Deputy CEO of Hayat Biotech, gave an opening statement addressing the current healthcare landscape. “We host this discussion at a critical time of global drug shortages and approach these challenges with humility, a strong sense of responsibility, unwavering commitment, and a desire to collaborate with healthcare stakeholders. At a time when collaboration between companies has become more important than ever. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that sharing knowledge and information is critical to fighting a global pandemic,” he said .

Other key issues in the discussion included training and education, research and development, the importance of global collaboration, and how the UAE can become a life sciences hub and support clinical trials, thanks to its diverse ethnic group.team member Dr. Dirk Kuhlmeier, Co-Founder, Fraunhofer Project Center; Dr. Nawal Al Kaabi, Senior Advisor, Hayat Biotech; Dr. Dirk Richter, Director of Innovation, Health Sector, Department of Health (DoH), Abu Dhabi; Yunli Zhao, Vice President Production, Hayat Biotech; Dr. Mira Mousa, Deputy Director of Biomedical Science Discovery Program at Khalifa University, discusses all these key aspects in detail.

Focus on R & D and innovation

Consistent with DoH’s mission to be a global center for life sciences research and innovation, and following the January 2023 partnership statement signed between DoH and Hayat Biotech, Hayat Biotech’s state-of-the-art biotechnology facilities in Abu Dhabi and Belgrade, Serbia have a combined annual production capacity of 230 million vials.

“Research and development (R&D) have proven critical during a pandemic, underscoring how important they are to everyone. Several key areas have emerged to contain and mitigate the negative impacts of the pandemic. First, vaccine development has become At the top of the list, efforts are focused on rapidly developing a vaccine to save lives and ensure its safety and efficacy against the virus. Second, given the novelty of the disease and the virus, it becomes critical to explore therapeutic options. R&D is critical in developing effective antiviral drugs, antibody drugs, and other therapies to minimize the adverse effects of COVID-19. Finally, surveillance and surveillance require reliable diagnostic tools to effectively track and monitor the progression of the disease,” commented alcabi.

Additionally, Hayat Biotech, in collaboration with IROS, has become the healthcare industry’s preferred partner for clinical research due to its expertise and continued commitment to conducting clinical trials.Hayat Biotech is developing new innovative biopharmaceutical products that are Address unmet medical needs or improve existing treatments.

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