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Heartbreak for 150 UAE residents as travel agency cancels Hajj pilgrimage


Hajj, known as one of the most important pilgrimage for all Muslims around the world, began on Monday. Hajj, which means “pilgrimage to the Kabbah,” draws people from all over the world to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. But nearly 150 UAE residents are heartbroken after their dreams were shattered by a Sharjah travel agency. That’s exactly what happened.

150 UAE residents cancel Hajj

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Some 150 UAE residents, more specifically Hajj pilgrims, are heartbroken as their Hajj dreams have been shattered. This happened after they put their hard-earned money and trust in Baitul Ateeq, a travel agency in Sharjah.

The holy and much-anticipated pilgrimage began on Monday, and the residents hope to embark on the same journey soon. But they were shocked and heartbroken by Baitul Ateeq’s failure to deliver on those promises.

Some people were asked to pay more due to visa issues after paying the above amount. Many pilgrims are stranded in medical centers while authorities question the authenticity of their promised pilgrimage. People have actually invested time, money and faith in the institution only to face disappointment later.

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express regret and promise money back

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The tour company claimed they had received a visa for a Hajj volunteer manager instead of the expected Hajj Nusuk visa. Tourists were unprepared for this. Saudi authorities changed the itinerary for the Nusuk visa, which is offered to people of all countries in the form of an electronic visa.

These visas must be obtained as part of a $10,000 package that also includes accommodation, food and other benefits, they were told. They book accommodation and meals separately for their customers, which creates considerable difficulty for them.

The travel agency has expressed regret and promised to refund all travelers. Hopeful UAE residents were not satisfied as their refund claims fell through after their dreams were dashed.

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