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How data is changing the media and entertainment industry


In the media and entertainment industry, success is about attracting audiences and creating “stickiness.” This happens when you understand viewer preferences and understand how viewers interact or consume content. The key to making informed decisions based on the vast amounts of data you manage efficiently.

Almost every business in this industry collects vast amounts of digital information: gaming, cable TV, and streaming companies maintain detailed usage information for millions of users; online advertising brokers make trillions of decisions based on customer clicks every day; Content providers live and die by meeting the entertainment and information needs of their customers.

Traditionally, media and entertainment companies have only used data for basic operational reporting. Data is defining industries today. Now it’s about combining and analyzing historical and real-time operational data to personalize content, unlock hidden insights for new revenue streams, improve customer engagement, and create interactions and content where customers are almost “immersed” in the content.

  • plans for each client

Communications, media and entertainment companies today provide a variety of services. A service is that of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), who have the daunting task of providing a variety of services that few customers understand well in today’s world. When customers call, it’s usually because they have a problem, and figuring out a solution may require jumping through several technical hoops.

ISPs collect a lot of data about how customers use their services. This information can be used for root cause analysis, said Anthony Behane, general manager, communications, media and entertainment. cloud era.

“By actively monitoring the network, ISPs can understand how many devices are connected, how much downloads are being made, and how much streaming data is being used,” she said. This can make it easier for them to quickly pinpoint the root cause of a problem and have a solution ready, she added.

ISPs can even use the data they collect to proactively reach out to each customer to create a custom plan or quote based on their Internet usage, saving them money or improving service.

With data breaches, phishing attacks, and ransomware on the rise, ISPs can further improve customer loyalty by monitoring customer devices to proactively identify and block threats. Peace of mind becomes the selling point.

Communications carriers and Internet providers can also use the vast amount of information they collect from customer devices to conduct root cause analysis and identify conditions where outages may occur. They began to proactively fix problems before customers noticed them, or alert customers that upgrades or repairs were needed, thereby avoiding calls to the contact center.

The use of creative data also presents opportunities to improve and personalize customer engagement for subscription TV and video-on-demand services. Combining usage information with anonymous demographics can create customized options for certain customer categories or even individual households.

“If they know there are kids in the house, they can make sure that certain types of programming aren’t offered unless the parents ask for it,” Behan said. They can also allocate bandwidth to ensure slowdowns and freezes are not an issue during peak viewing times for families or specific events. The need for real-time insight and monitoring is critical to customer satisfaction.

Finally, responsible data governance practices can enable service and content providers to comply with changing customer privacy rules. Creating and promoting responsible data protection practices can not only keep media and entertainment companies safe from regulators and the media, but also reassure customers that they are a business they can trust.

Think big: How can the use of creative data change the rules of your business?access cloud era learn more.


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